Saturday, November 30, 2013

Causes Of Water Pollution

Water pollution is contamination of water bodies such as rivers, oceans, lakes, and groundwater caused by human activities.

1. Urbanisation
As more and more people move into cities and towns, a number of factors cause pollution:
• the physical disturbance of land due to construction of houses, industries, roads, etc.;
• chemical pollution from industries, mines, etc.;
• inadequate sewage collection and treatment;
• Increase in fertilizers to grow more food. These results in an increase in nutrients (nitrates and phosphates) in
the water which causes enhanced plant growth (algal blooms). When this plant material dies and decays the bacteria
uses the oxygen in the water. This lowering of oxygen levels results in the death of other water life that needs
oxygen to survive, eg. fish, etc. This process is called eutrophication; litter, which causes disease and has a
negative visual impact.

2. Deforestation
Clearing land for agriculture and urban growth often leads to water pollution. When soil is stripped of its protective
vegetation it becomes prone to soil erosion. This leads to an increase in the murkiness of the water which can cause
the following:
• it can block the gills of fish;
• bottom dwelling plants cannot photosynthesize as the rays cannot reach them; and
• there is an increase in disease as bacteria and viruses use the soil particles as a method of transportation.

3. Damming of rivers
Damming of rivers can have an impact on water in the following ways:
• Water flowing out of dams:
• has reduced suspended material as a large amount settles to the bottom of dams; is depleted of nutrients; and is
often more saline with detrimental effects on downstream agriculture and fisheries.
• Enhanced eutrophication may result due to the water spending a longer time in the dam.
• There is also increased evaporation in dams, especially those with a large surface area.

4. Destruction of Wetlands

Wetlands are natures way of cleaning water as well as damming water (they hold back water in summer and release it in
winter). Destruction of wetlands:
• Destroys the habitat of many birds and fish;
• Removes the natural filters capable of storing and degrading many pollutants, such as phosphorus and heavy metals;
• Destroys natural dams and causes flooding further downstream.

5. Industries

Industries produce waste that can affect the:
• pH of water (whether it is acid, neutral or alkaline);
• colour of water;
• amount of nutrients (increase in nutrients can cause eutrophication);
• temperature (increase or decrease in temperature can have an impact on temperature sensitive organisms living in the
• amount minerals and salts (too much can cause health problems);
• murkiness of water (can block fish gills; bottom dwelling plants cannot photosynthesize as the suns rays cannot reach
them; increase in disease as bacteria and viruses use the soil particles as a method of transportation).

6. Mining
Mines produce waste that:
• can increase the amount of minerals and salts in the water (too much can cause health problems);
• can affect the pH of the water (whether it is acid, neutral or alkaline);
• can increase the murkiness of the water.

7. Agriculture:

• Increases soil erosion due to the physical disturbance of soil and vegetation due to ploughing, overgrazing, logging
and road building. This affects the murkiness and the amount of salts and minerals in water;
• Increases nutrients due to fertilisers and excreta, which contribute worrying amounts of nitrates and phosphates to
water supplies (this can cause eutrophication);
• Increased pesticide use.

8. Accidental Water Pollution

Accidental water pollution can arise from many sources (such as burst pipes and tanks, major leaks, fires and oil
spills) and can cause varying degrees of damage, depending on the quantity, toxicity and persistence of the pollutant,
and the size and adaptability of the water body.
9. Sanitary wastes
• human and animal excreta
10. Solid wastes
• City droppings - For e.g., carbaneaceous paper / cloth / wooden materials
• Animal droppings and slaughter house wastes - For e.g., decomposable drug / slaughter house wastes
• Domestic wastes - For e.g., vegetable / food wastages
• Industrial solid wastes - For e.g., paper wastes, iron filings, metal chips
• Market Wastes - For e.g., vegetable / fruit rottings

11. Natural Resources
• Death of animals, birds
Reasons - Ammonia released by carcasses of animals, birds.
• Water collection from forest areas - For e.g., Nitrates and ammonia compounds from rich forest soils
• Natural mineral deposits - For e.g., Deposits of bauxites

The reasons for pollution was more than I bargained for and there are many more too. But whether we are aware or not, the act is going on. The only thing I would like to say is, try not to increase or add from our part.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Causes of Air Pollution

Air pollution is the air which is not fit for breathing. Its a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air released into the atmosphere by both man-made and natural processes.
1. Exhaust from Combustion Engines :- Emissions from vehicular combustion engines contain gaseous oxide, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide, all of which contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. With a thinner ozone layer, the earth will gradually succumb to sweltering heat.
2. Use of Coal and Fossil Fuels :- Factories, power-generating establishments, offices, even homes, utilize fossil fuels and coals for power or heat. Even though beneficial, coal and fossil fuels contribute to air pollution and smog. They also damage structures and hasten the oxidation of iron. Add to that, they can cause harm on plants, which significantly reduces oxygen supply on earth.
3. Mining Operations :- These activities release carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide into the air, all of which contribute to development of smog and various health problems.
4. On the process of generating their products, paper mills, steel mills, iron mills, cement plants and asphalt plants release aerosols, particulates, gases and vapours into the air. These mills and plants, yield ammonia, sulphur oxide, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulphide.
5. Fertilizer Dust :- Fertilizers are useful for farmers as they accelerate the growth of crops and plants. Nonetheless, the accumulation of fertilizer dust (even those made from organic ingredients) can give way to the production of ammonia and nitrogen oxide, both of which contribute to global warming and harmful acid rain.
6. Chemical Pesticides :- Air pollution caused by pesticides can be fatal for animal, birds, even marine life, especially if the emissions already infiltrate their food sources. Apart from its contributory effects on air pollution, pesticides actually damage plant health in the long run. Incessant use of chemical pesticides leads to decreased plant production and pollination, which then results in lower crop yields.
7. Power Lines :- high voltage lines, especially those located near polluted cities, attract air that contains harmful particulates. The electricity running through the lines results in the charging or the ionization of the air. When inhaled by humans, ionized air significantly increases the level free radicals in the body. These free radicals in the body bring about tissue damage, aging, even the development of certain cancers.
8. Radioactive Fallout :- In highly-industrialized cities, air pollution from radioactive fallout have been proven to create numerous environmental concerns, such as defoliation, deformation and undergrowth damage in trees, to name a few. Apart from its impact on the environment, radioactive air pollution also endangers human health. Perhaps the most infamous case of radioactive fallout is that of Chernobyl in Ukraine, wherein the survivors of the nuclear meltdown developed cancers and a variety of respiratory ailments after inhaling emissions coming from the nuclear plant.
9. Indoor Air Pollution :- Urban infrastructures are usually afflicted with a condition called “Sick Building Syndrome.” In this case, fumes from household chemicals, paint, and other substances get trapped in the building because of the lack of ventilation. These fumes can cause a variety of health problems for its homeowners, tenants, or visitors.
10. Diesel Engines :- The air pollution problems caused by diesel are due to incomplete combustion, and while advances in some engines is reducing emissions, there are far too many ordinary diesel engines on the road, spewing health damaging particles.
11. Forest Fire :- Forest fires are the second-largest source of PM2.5 (Of major concern are particles that are 2.5 micrometres or smaller in diameter (PM2.5) because they can lodge deep in the lungs, and cause respiratory and cardiac problems.) from wood smoke in the province (second to open-burning sources). They can have significant impacts on local air quality, visibility and human health. Emissions from forest fires can travel large distances, affecting air quality and human health far from the originating fires. These emissions include:
• particulate matter;
• carbon monoxide;
• atmospheric mercury;
• ozone-forming chemicals; and
• volatile organic compounds.

There are many more reasons. I would not say, we live without all these, there is a controlled measure to use your gadgets and resources. Just do that and try to conserve as much as possible. So that too can help us spend less and emit less.

So guys, take care and be happy.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye


Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Last Judgement

Today I stood in the judgement podium, just like Jesus stood in front of Pontius Pilate. It was not a very happy moment. But one day, we all will stand in this place for sure, for our past mistakes. The funny part is, just like Jesus was condemned for several reasons, which was fabricated, we too would be condemned for no reason of ours. But don't get saddened, that is how, we get to clear our past mistakes. If we run away and chicken out from this situation by blaming others or giving reasons, then we will have to stand in the same podium again, with another bigger issue and of much higher grade. You have a choice, whether clear off this issue by facing it and finishing it in one go and make it your last judgement or have a repeat of all these things again and again. It was weird when I used to read the Bible, why didn't Jesus, the son of God did not respond, when he was being judged or lashed or crucified. Now I understand, why.

Believe me, this Bible is not just another holy book. It is our Users Manual. You will have to really look into it, to understand and live accordingly. Anyway the decision is yours.

See You tomorrow.

Until then, take care, Bye.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Pilot Skipper Who Never Knew

Today, I had the opportunity to speak to an Italian pilot who is now retired and now is a skipper of a boat. So I asked him, how come, he took a totally different job from what he was used to. Did he had to study again in order to become a skipper of a boat? He said, "If you have a sense of direction and the techniques of navigation, whether you are at sea or land or air, you can take any vehicles.

So whenever I see people, who are connected to ships or boats, I think of Titanic, which got crashed on its maiden voyage. So I asked him, are you a very spiritual person? Do you pray, while you are taking your plane or the boat because, there are people, whose safety lies in your hands. He replied,"I don't know because I do not know there is God. But there are many times, when I am in a very difficult situation, that I join my hands and say, whoever there is on top, please help me from this situation and the miracle happens. But when I see hunger and poverty of my country, I pray and nothing happens. So I am not sure. But I am a believer. But I do not know, which religion is the right because there are lots of religion and I do not say, they are wrong. But which is the right?"

I really felt sad for his dilemma because he has already crossed the 75 line and still he has not found the truth of his life. But I am sure he would get it before long because he is an ascetic. He has that inner peace, which would surely direct him through the right direction.

You know these truths are inbuilt, which has to be opened by us. But the circumstances are the key to this lock. It will come.

And for your information, I would like to say, for the soul, there is only one religion, the religion of love, whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or a buddhist or a christian doesn't have any value. So live accordingly.

See You Tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Weird Friendship

I had an Eagle friend. I do not know, whether it was a he or a she because I am not a person who messes with the animal kingdom. We used to meet everyday at 6 am at church. He on the nearby fire station building would wait for me and when I arrive it would give a loud cry, just to say, he is there and I would acknowledge by raising my hand and run to the church because, my bus arrives at the nick of time and this Eagle used to wait till the mass finishes and when I come off he again says bye in his language and flies off.

So after sometime, I had to leave the place and didn't return back. After several years and I went to the church, in the same bus and lo behold!!! I heard my eagle cry and looked up to find my friend there on the fire station building. I couldn't contain my tears. And when I came out after mass, it came down to the ground. That was the first time, I saw an Eagle at close quarters. It came near me, looked at me for sometime. I felt it cried. Anyway I think, it waited everyday just to say a final bye and flew off never to return because, that was my last trip to that church.

It was indeed an awesome moment because I never had a pet of my own due to my nomadic lifestyle but imagine the route map I had to go to get an animal friend of my own. Friends, whether human or animal is not gained I feel. We are destined to them or they to us. But the circumstances are very weird.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Are You Planning To Fly? Then Do It.

I am really glad at least, all the other living beings except man can live however they wish, without spirituality, mentality and super naturality. I just put some rhyming words, don't hold much store about that, if you cannot understand. But one thing please do understand, we are several steps ahead because we have lost the freedom and that has created havoc all around. Look at the nature, it rains whenever it feels like raining, flooding or snowing or sunning. Before, when our forefathers said, that it would rain in mid summer and they specified a specific date for snowing and it did just that. But now, sometimes, we do not have winter at all, instead summer takes its place or the summer is off and the rain takes its place. We are not sure, what is happening. But one thing is for sure, we are creating it and that is all because we are disobedient.

You might think, what has disobedience to do with all these havoc. If we had played by the rules, do you think, we would get into this mess? That means we have broken the rules and where has it ended in more mess. But in truth are we in any form of slavery than our own creation?

No, in capital letters. We have the freedom to choose and we choose to destroy ourselves and look around, is there anything good we have done?

Nothing. Shame on you human beings. We didn't expect this from you. That is what the animal world would say looking at us.

You know, a bird can fly and only fly he does, it would not swim. A fish can swim but it cannot fly. But what about us, we can do everything and anything. But if we still say, 'look at the birds, how they can fly.' Then we should be kicked on our ass.

So next time, when you sigh looking at the others achievements, just remember, they have loads of limitations behind their existence but still, they overcame all these and came to the forefront because they knew they have the full freedom to sore higher and higher in whatever direction they want to go.

Now you know, what you should do, with your freedom. Think and decide. You are a man.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, Bye.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

You are not entitled to pull off your hair

I do not know the line that divides a sane person from the insane. But I know, its very thin. Once I happened to see a movie about a normal man, who turns insane when he sees an housefly. I know, its simply weird. But its true. There was a flashback too for the reason, he becomes insane. Its just for a time period this insanity holds him and afterwards he is OK.

This has really got me thinking. Man is basically a wild man. He has just put a coat of civilization over him and has covered his wildness under it. But in real fact, it is inside him. It could explode with just a sight of a housefly and we call it insane. But is it really an insane thing.

I would say no because he has to be in the jungle free to express his anger, happiness whatever, in nature and instead we are forcing ourselves to control those instincts and become a volcano for small reason and the ultimate end, mental assylum or mentally deranged person or he would be in front of a counsellor. And that is sad. The naughtiness of children is one such controlling. He is made to behave properly and he gets angry and breaks the barrier by doing the worst act and in the end, he would end up in front of a counsellor.

But where it would end? He is not in a position to understand the intricacies and complications of a human life, when he becomes an adult, its consequences or anything of this junk. I really hope, if every human being was programmed with a perfect users manual, then we could have avoided all these complications.

Best of luck human race including me. You are not entitled to pull off your hair when you are angry, unless it is a wig.

I just wanted to make you aware, how our system is working. Just go smoothly. That's all.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care.



Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walk To The Future

My son always say, "If I get this toy, I would be the happiest person in the world." And when he gets it, he is the saddest because, it didn't come up to his expectation and his interests flies and settle on something else. Well, we all have this problem.

One day, Mark came to class with two packets. One was a diamond and the other was charcoal. He packed it so nicely, that no one could understand what was in it. He brought it daily to class and returned it home. So one day, one of his friends happened to see the packets and enquired about it. He told him truthfully, what the contents were and the days passed. One day Mark found, that one of his parcels were missing. He knew, it was taken by his friend. But he didn't respond. Soon afterwards, his friend stopped coming to class. Then one day after many years, a man with a dirty beard, unkept hair and dirty clothes came to Mark and stopped him on his way to the office. Mark looked questioningly at the stranger. The stranger took a packet from his pocket and extended to Mark. Mark's eyes widened and exclaimed, "Robert!!! my friend. What happened to you? Why are you in such a situation? Come to my place. You can clean yourself."

"No Mark, anyway, thank you for not being angry with me for taking this package."

"Oh it is nothing. I never used it or planned not to use it. So if it has served your purpose, then it is fine with me and I was not even expecting to get it returned."

"The funny thing was, I never used it too. I was dreaming of selling it and becoming rich. But when I opened it, I found it was charcoal and not the diamond."

"Oh, that was sad. Then what happened?"

"The happiness, the dreams were all extinguished at that moment. I really felt hopeless. Just for making me happy for a moment, I did the wrong and in the end, I got to become unhappy for life. How did you manage to not look in to the packet? Didn't you want to sell the diamond and be rich?"

"No I didn't want to sell the diamond because it was just a piece of rock and I didn't want this piece of rock to control my happiness and that is why I kept another pack of charcoal, which is of the same breed but is of no use to me. But can I say a secret, both the packages are charcoal and I gave more value for one than the other. Just to remind myself, we are the people, who give value, who set a price. If we store great value on something, then it would become priceless, which in fact is not real. It is worthless, just like charcoal. And that is I have been doing it, when my dad gifted me with this packets. Do you know what he said?" Robert nodded in the negative.

"All things are from Earth, whether, a diamond or a coal and we cannot keep anything on hold because we too return back to the same Earth. So don't give value for material things. Just do what is right, that is where the worth counts, your actions. Give value for it, son."

And from that day onwards, I tried to remember it every day of my life. But I failed because of the lure of the diamond and I opened the package to find, that it was both charcoal. I felt ashamed at that time. But I decided to keep it as such, so that it reminds me What my dad said is true, its simply worthless to dream about nothing and forgetting our duties. So don't get too ashamed of yourself Robert. Just clean everything and start from the very beginning. Come, we go to my room and we both start fresh with our friendship too." And they walked to the future.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye


Friday, November 22, 2013

The Flowers That Stood Upside Down

Everyday I go to church, though I take my bath early in the morning, there is this lethargic feel around at the early hours of the day in fact the first hour of waking up, bath or no bath and when I go to church, its the same two bowls of flowers and two candles on either side. But today it was a blast of colours on the altar, that my eyes really went out of sockets and my sleep just shot off from my system.

Its very difficult to explain, but the way, they decorated the place and the angle with which a freely arranged long stalk flowers upside down, in the whole place, faced at the spectators and not a single one was turned the other side. I just wondered how can that be possible. Either they might have put pins or cello tapes. So I looked keenly, whether there was any. But none. So that means, the decorator knew the technique to decorate the flowers upside down without pins or tapes. At that moment I just got this feeling that, man has some unique qualities, which only one person has and that is this person alone. So I was awed, when I thought about the billions of population thriving around this Earth and all having some unique quality. Its simply Wow!!! Isn't it?

Then it just went deeper because in Church or temple or mosque we have the tendency to go more serene, where we get answers, just like that. The answer arrived, the presence of God in each person, is what brings the uniqueness, not just the human nature. When a person is united with his inner self, he is united with the higher level of him - God and that is when he gains uniqueness and that answer I got when I was near the altar and I stood there stuck. It was so simple and so easy and so soft and smooth. But no one knows it. Including me. What a pity.

So look out for the unique you.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

True To The Word

"True to the word."

I like this word attached to me. You know, that is not too easy to achieve. My children say, I do not keep my word. That is sad isn't it? But in my professional and social life, I do keep my word. Then where did I go wrong? Nowhere.

No parent can keep up to the expectations of their children. But they will surely be the role model of every child. Do you know why?

Simple, the children will go through the same situation with their own children and then they would know, they had acted the same at this age, then it would be flashback time. They remember how the parents coped with this situation. And that is when the parents become role models and at that moment. They would know, why parents could never keep word with the children.

Children are new to this world, new to experiences, new to people. So with the little knowledge and experience they have, they decide, they act and that is where the interference of the parents arrive. But what to do? That is life.

So I am happy to say, one day our children would get to acknowledge their parents and appreciate their presence in their life. I hope it happens when they are living or else, the children would only have time to regret.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Drive Yourself Crazy....

"Driving me crazy" is what the slogan of every youngsters of the day. Its not about life. Its about their parents. You know, the oldies are too strict and they do it too perfectly and systematically, and they know, that it is the only way to get to be successful in life.

But the age of the youth is just to enjoy, chill out, etc... and the forward blocking, water drenching, sober, poker faced parents, who have never known, what life is, never would understand. But the funny part is, these good for nothing parents had a time, when they were worse than their children and they learned their lessons the real hard way and they went through lots of heart burn and hand burn, tears and hopelessness, which if the children repeat, they too had go through.

But we children are more wise than their parents, aren't we? We know the pros and cons of what we are doing and we are not the innocent people like them. We know people. We have had exposure with loads of them. So we know, what we are doing. Then why are our parents interfering in our business?

Simple, protectiveness and they too had said the same dialogues to their parents and still they had to take the brunt of it.

And in the end or the result of our life. We too get burned by life's bad experiences in a very strong way, making us overprotective of our children than our parents were with us and that is the joke of our lives. Repeating the same history as our parents.

In short, we are worse than our parents dude because our life is a repetition of our parents, grand parents, great grand parents and great great..... etc.... So no wonder, our parents say, "Kiddo, we too rode the same boat."

Want to check? Then Drive Yourself Crazy.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care, bye.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What is Entitled to You, Comes to You

Today, I had a very very energetic guest that it was next to impossible to get things done in a jiffy and without paying a cent. She was literally counting her pennies and planning her tour with her computer and the free wifi. So her friend was the person who was organizing the tour for her. Since he had 13 years experience in touring the place. He did it perfectly, getting the quote from different travel agencies and decided the best option, to take the trip with the best people and that was me.

So he paid his part of the payment which included the flight tickets, hotels, houseboats and taxi. He waited for his friends to arrive and when they arrived, a male and a female. They were not very happy looking. And my friend was not happy to speak to them either. But since, they had no choice, they heard him completely and she mentally calculated the price and divided the price in British pounds and did shortcut calculation. For me, actually I could feel the British strictness oozing through every pore of her and the negativity was emnating from her, that I instantly knew that she is going to put many a blocks for this trip. But what I feared happened.

They decided to book their own tickets and cancelled the second part of the trip, etc...etc...

So I gave the price accordingly and left. The next day I arrived early to see them off and the lady came and asked me to book the tickets for them. And paid me without any fuss.

So what I want to say is, what is entitled to you, comes to you. No matter, the Earth changes its direction of rotation.

So best of luck guys. We have still hope left.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fury of Life

Today, thunder and lightning arrived immediately after I reached home after work. The funny situation was, in the morning, it was strike in the whole area, where it was a political storm was taking place. But the problem was, it is not a very easy situation who has to face both the nature’s and political storm is not worth living.

You might ask, why do I say that. I remember, one of my friend’s family all died in a lightning strike. You know, lightning s very powerful and nobody would survive after its struck. Likewise, when you are in the middle of a political strike, no one has any normal senses, they all are blind to the cause, they have only destruction in mind. So on one side the strikers and the other side the police and the result, a big clash, where our body parts would be battered, stamped and tattered. So what do you think? Are we fit to live?
Fury is one thing which cannot be contained, if it is burst from the line of control. So try not to bring out other’s fury and our own fury.
Well I think, the storm has passed.
See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Wonder Smile

I have never seen a guest so angry, like the people, I met today. Usually, when a guest arrives, they would readily have a smile and a good morning or something. But these people were so straight faced, that the person managing their reservation hadn't the courage to talk to them at all. Seeing this I just an idea of weaving a story, just for you.

Lionel was the Managing Director of a big software company. It had branches worldwide. So on a daily basis he shuttled around the world. He could do that easily because he had no family, to say as his own. No social life too. So it was fine with him. One day, a charming young lady was his seat mate in the plane. She had the window seat and Lionel the aisle seat. This charming young lady smiled at Lionel and he didn't respond. He just took one of his files and started to read it. The plane took off and after sometime, the girl felt a stomach pain and she requested to allow her to pass, so that she could go to the toilet. He just got up and let her pass. No acknowledgement or a smile. She thanked him and went to the toilet. She was relieved and returned to her seat. Still no response. The journey was a long one and they would be closetted for more than twelve hours and the girl couldn't imagine a statue beside her. So she turned to Lionel and asked

"Excuse me sir." Lionel looked at her.

"Hi I am Martha." Lionel sighed and returned back to his work.

"Are you dumb?"

"No, I am not and I am not here for chitchat. Be kind enough and mind your own business."

"Wow!!! you talk a lot. Good. So what's your business?"


"well, that's good. But why don't you give room for others. You know, what you read is written by somebody. Its actually the work of many people. From the paper to the finished matter. No one can do singlehandedly. Can we?" Lionel couldn't believe this chit of a girl had so much wisdom. Martha continued.

"Who knows, that the person behind all these hard work is sitting right beside you and you do not have the decency to say thank you. So at least do the service of saying a thank you with a smile. Nobody is asking half your property. Its just a smile. There is no sweat or expense in that."

"Thank you Martha, what you said is right. I had not acknowledged anybody and now I know why no one appreciates my presence. I am good at what I do. But I thought it was my single handed effort. You have proved it wrong. I would always be grateful for this."

"Oh just leave the grateful part and by the way, what do you do, single handedly?" Lionel smiled.

"My you have a very great smile. Sorry. OK continue."

"I am a Software Engineer and I have a small company to say as my own." And there started a new relationship, never to be broken. A smile can really do wonders to relationship. Just try it and live with it. It makes a lot of difference.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

How Sad?

Today, I met a very sad person, who really touched my inner me. Just don't ask me, how. But one thing is true, tears do have effect on everybody's heart. So I would like to weave a story about tears and its after effect. I do not know, how it would be. But still lets take the journey together.

Long long ago in a small town, there was a girl named Roma, who was very jovial and happy. She was always smiling and gay, that everyone loved her presence. She had a pussy cat, which she loved with her life. One day, the cat went away never to return. She searched the whole place, nearby streets, forest, etc. But she didn't find her cat. She started crying and the whole town weeped with her. The next day and the next day, her tears didn't stop. It continued for days and extended to weeks. She went into the shell of sadness. She didn't allow anyone to get close to her. She never had a smile. She lost her lustre, the shine.

One day, her aunt Matilda arrived very very early in the morning, with two kittens - a black and a white. She placed it in Roma's room and went to sleep. In the morning, Roma woke up hearing the mew of the kittens. She thought she was dreaming. So she went deep into the pillows. But still the cry persisted. So she woke up and jumped out of the bed when she saw two cute little kittens looking mournfully at her. She immediately took her pussy's bowl and ran to the kitchen to fetch some milk. She poured into the bowl and ran to her room and gave it to the kittens, who drank the whole thing in a jiffy. She looked at them so lovingly, that it unlocked the smile within her, bringing back her radiance. It was like new sunrise for the whole world.

So guys, we all have our moment of sadness for sure. But remember, there are people who are affected by our sadness along with our deterioration in all aspects. So the best way is, if ever you are not comfortable with something, find the root cause of it and rectify it at the earliest or else you would get rotten in a rut.

So kindly take note of my advice, "Shoot Your Sadness From The Root"

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


Friday, November 15, 2013

Appearance Do Matter

Yesterday, the people were painting my place. So I was literally thrown out of my cocoon. But when I returned today, it was a new place, the face changed, the oldness changed, the shabiness changed. So seeing this I would like to weave a story, where appearance really do make a difference.

Noma was a lady, who loved nature, who always tried to connect herself with nature. She never bothered with her appearance. She always looked shabby. If any one commented on it too she never cared. She just was happy that she was not like the rest of the people.

One day, there was a recruitment of two nature lovers and eight scientists from the government level to be in the wilderness of the Amazon - An Expedition team. It was an opportunity for Noma. Though she was not highly qualified, the chances of she getting into the nature lovers section was meagre. But still, she applied for it.

The day arrived for the interview. She dressed in her usual way and came down for breakfast excited. Seeing her excitement, her mother asked, "What's special Noma?"

"Oh Mom, I'm going for an interview to go to the wilderness." Her mother shook her head.

"What's the matter?"

"I have a feeling you would not get it."

"Mom, that was not fair."

"No don't misunderstand me. But if you are planning to go like this, poorly dressed and looking so shabby, then I would surely not select you. I know you would not hear me. But if you feel, that you are in the right, then, go ahead. Best of luck child."
Noma nodded and went to her room. She was in two minds, whether she should go with her mother or herself. In the end, she decided to go with her mother's advice. She wore a dress, which suited her colour and which was comfortable, combed her hair and tied it on the nape, trimmed her nails, wore a serviceable shoes. She looked herself in the mirror and she was surprised to see a totally different person looking at her. She couldn't recognize herself. She felt good. She felt confident. She came down to say good bye to her mother. By that time, her mother had already gone. So she took her bicycle and left for the interview, which was not far away. She did it leisurely and arrived as fresh as new. Seeing the number of bedraggled interviewees, her heart sank, but still, she decided to participate. Even though she felt out of place. The most which would happen is, she would not be selected. So keeping this in mind, she sat in front of the interviewing board, gave her best shot because, it was interesting to be asked by the experts, talking to the experts, rectified the experts. After that she left for home, with a music in her heart and a smile on her lips and continued with her daily life.

After a week, she was surprised to find a letter in her letter box. She opened it and was shocked to see, that she was one of the selected for the Amazon expedition team. She couldn't contain her happiness. She raced back to the house and shouted to mom. "Mom, you helped me clinch a place in the expedition team. Do you know, what they said?"

"Tell me."

I was selected because I was comfortable with myself, presentable and clean appearance which was the main factor, that added grades to my selection. What you said is true mom. Thank you for being frank. I really appreciate it. Though, at that time, I didn't feel comfortable with it." She hugged her mother and whispered, "Thank you so much mother, you really did change my life."

"You are welcome, age do has its perks. Wisdom gains through age too. Now get ready for your lifetime trip."

"So one thing I have learned from this interview."

"What is it?"

"Appearance do matter."

Anyway, I would say, my business has gone up by 200% after the remake of my office. So best of luck to you guys.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Limitations Of Life

Have you wondered why people are always going for tours? and travel around the world?

Some people say, to know the world. Some say, just to escape from the daily routine. Some say travel is knowledge, etc..etc... But if we go deeper, into the soul of me, I would say, I am in search of something perfect. Something that really makes me happy always. But for that, including myself we all know, that there is no place, which would fulfill our criteria. So I am going to weave a story regarding the eternal search.

One day Martha was returning home, when she saw a banner giving the Dream Holiday of the lifetime. So she decided to look into it the next day. But this made her think, what would be her dream holiday?

A holiday, where I would get to see the nature at its most beautiful state or great historical sights is also fine. But in the end, it should be a memorable one. A vehicle to drive me to all the places, according to my whims and fancies. A hotel, where its the epitome of luxury. And for long distance, I would like to take the aeroplane, where there is no waiting in between and a tour which brings lots of happy memories. Thinking as such, she decided to contact the tourist office the very next day, with lots of dreams to hold on.

Martha woke up the very next day, very early, prepared her breakfast, set it on the kitchen top and had it peacefully with the dreams still lingering in her heart. So with great anticipation, she waited for the time to call the tour desk. They were very happy to clarify her queries and comply to all her stipulations and more. But the tariff they quoted was for two persons. If she has to travel, then she has to pay for an extra person.

"But that is preposterous. Why should I pay for another person, who is not there?"

"Yes, Maam, I understand. So why don't you find a friend. So that she can share the expense."

"But its only me dreaming about a vacation. And who would be willing to accept this proposal? Anyway, I will find somebody."

"We have already a group ready. So if you are sure, you could manage a companion, then we can block two seats for you for three days."

"O.K. But if I don't find one, then what will happen?"

"Either you pay the extra money for your companion."

"That I am not willing."

"Then you will have to cancel the programme because its a programme arranged for only couples. So we cannot get any single persons. So please understand maam and wish you luck in finding a partner."

"O.K. Thank you. I will try."

Martha tried but sadly, she didn't find any partners and the trip had to be cancelled. So that is what I want to say. We have great expectations. But its not necessary to fulfill everything. That is what we call the limitation of life.

See you tomorrow. Until then, Take care. Bye


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mark your presence in History.

The place where I stay is very photogenic area. Its because it has a lot of history. Now in order to have history, it need to be there from time immemorial. So I would like to weave a story of time.

There was once a lame boy named Ralph, who wanted to be famous. So he went to his father and asked, "Father, what should I do to become famous?"
The father replied, "Do something good."

So he decided to do something good. But his way of walking made everyone laugh. He was always the butt of joke for everybody. Even then, he tried to do good. But he was more a laughing stock than a social worker. Seeing the humiliation Ralph was facing, his mother said, "Son, why are you making everyone laugh at you?"

"Mother, I am glad, that I can bring a smile to others face. I know, they are laughing at me. But I take it as a gift. God has given me, my lameness and I would cherish it and do whatever good I can do. Mother, don't be sad for me because I am not. Just be happy for me."

"OK son, whatever you say. I just do not want you to get hurt."

One day, Ralph saw an old man, carrying three bags of luggage, with difficulty. So, he went to the old man and spoke, "Sir, if you do not mind, I can help you with one or two luggages. The old man looked at Ralph with a smile and replied, "I would be glad of your help. But are you sure? Its a bit heavy.

"No problem sir, I am young and can carry all three on my head. But I am a bit lame. So the chances of falling from my head are more. But you need not worry, I have two strong hands." The old man nodded and gave his two luggages. So they both started walking and they spoke about the daily life, the climate and the people. At that time, some youths who was sitting in a coffee shop near the street joked about Ralph loudly, that he waved and smiled back.

The old man turned towards Ralph and asked, "At your age, they would be angry and would have started a fight for the joke they passed about you."

"Well sir, I bring sunshine to their lives. That is what I want to give them, a happy memory of me. Whenever someone thinks of me, I want them to remember with a smile. And that is what greatness is all about." This, the joking boys heard and they felt ashamed of their action. The old man nodded. "You are indeed a wise young man."

"Sir, what deformities or handicaps I got from birth cannot be changed. The least I can do is accept it and live with it, happily ever after and with that I create a history of my own - A Heritage Line." The old man nodded.

"Son, now you can keep the bags down. We have reached our destination." Ralph looked around and found nothing. He turned around to the old man and asked, "Sir its just an open space. I do not find any home here."

"You are right son. There is nothing here. I came to meet you. I am God,who came to test you. But you passed the test. What do you want from me. Wish for anything. I would grant you."

Ralph smiled and nodded. "Nothing Sir. I really do not need anything. I have everything I need. Thank you for asking."

"Good, I am leaving you behind in this world. So that the world learn from your actions." Saying, the old man disappeared. But leaving behind a normal Ralph, with his lameness gone.

True to the old man's word, Ralph became a heritage line for the future generation. Handicap or not, just mark your presence in history.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anger - Spur Of The Moment Affair

Today I am going to say a story about storms. Some like thunder and lightning. But for me, I am on the chicken hearted side. But I have always wondered. How did it start in the first place. So I am going to weave a story, where I can break free my imagination.

There was a time, when there were no division between the Heaven and the Earth. It was heaven everywhere. The place was always filled with music, love and happiness. But there was one problem. There were no women in heaven. It was only Men.

The men were very happy. One day, a girl landed in heaven, a very beautiful lady. She had blue eyes, golden hair, rosy lips, etc...etc... All the male was awe struck by her beauty. But where did she come from? No one knew.

So one of the men, the courageous of the lot came forward and asked where did she come from. But no answer came. She just looked at him open mouthed. Then another tried, with a different form of speech, the action language. No answer. So they just left the topic. But then there was another issue. She was a girl - a totally different species, not even similar in structure or character. She felt hungry. She asked for food. Her voice was so musical that no one took notice of her request. She repeated again and again but no response. She got so angry that she took the next best thing near to her and threw it on them, which was a drum and it made so much noise that the musical vibration of heaven changed that a new world formed from the sound - A new Earth.

Its just a story, but there is a small truth, which we should know. Thunder and lightning causes when there are more electric charge in the clouds. In our life too there are situations when we are too charged up that explosions can happen creating disharmony. The only thing to do at that time is, be patient and count till 10. Just let the moment pass. Then the situation would be far easier and cool than it was before. Its just a spur of the moment situation. It will just cool off as quickly as it had arrived. So don't ever ride on a charged situation. It would surely cause the spark followed by a thunder.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye


Monday, November 11, 2013

The Unfairness Of Life

Today I saw a man waiting to snare a tourist into his net.The place where I stay is a very touristic place and my job too is the same. But I have an added bonus, I can write, what I feel. So I would like to weave a story of snaring - a good snaring, where both the parties get to benefit.

Tourism business is one thing, where we have lots of competition. So people go to any extremes to get business.

Jeff and Martha arrived at the airport for a week long visit of South India. Since they had referred to the lonely planet as their tour guide, they made sure, they kept their guide handy and took a pre-paid taxi from the airport. They were relieved to know, that they were not cheated or bargained. A very smiling driver came and introduced himself to the guests.

"Hello sir, madam, I am Joy, your driver to take you to Fort Kochi." They smiled and shook hands and moved towards his taxi.

"How long will it take to reach Fort Kochi from here Joy?"

"Sir it takes two hours."

"Two hours? But the guide book have stated that it takes only one hour?"

It was like that. But now, there are several traffic blocks and a metro station construction and the population increase along with the vehicle increase, we get delayed a lot."

"No no... you are cheating. Our guide book cannot be wrong. It always says, whatever we should expect and they have not told anything about this delay. Sorry, return us back to the airport, we would like another car." Joy sighed.

"Sir, you cannot change the car or the driver because it is a pre-paid taxi and you do not have to pay any extra penny other than the toll and parking fees, if we have to pass through at all. So rest assured, just calm yourself and enjoy the crowd and the traffic block and believe it by seeing." The guests resigned to their fate in an air conditioned cab.

"So sir, have you decided, where in Fort Cochin are you staying?"

"No not yet. But we have some idea, where we would like to stay."

"Oh!!! OK, that's wonderful. So could you please say the name of the hotel. So we can directly go there?"

"Oh sure" and specified the name after two hours, they reached the place, bone tired after the flight and the traffic block. They really wanted to strip off their travel clothes and take a long cool shower. But unfortunately, that was not to happen. When they reached their destination, the rooms were all booked. They went to the next hotel and there too, there was no place for the weary travellers. So seeing the dilemma, one of the auto drivers came to the rescue. He promised him to give a safe and clean room and also can organize a tour for the week too, for no extra cost. So the guests were happy and followed the auto driver and he put them in a very comfortable home stay and fulfilled all their wishes within a week, taking to places, where the lonely planet guide had not specified too and at last, the auto driver introduced his family too, who looked bedraggled in a dilapidated home and the guests were sad to see his situation. So they gave him a generous tip before their departure saying, "Thank you very much, we would surely return." The auto driver knew, that it is a fake promise, but still he hoped, that someday a knight would arrive in a shining armour to alleviate his pathetic situation. But the sad part is, the situation of the taxi driver was worse than the auto driver. But since he had a car, the guests mistook that he was far better of than the auto driver, so he didn't get any tip at all. I know its sad, but that is life, the unfairness of the situation is so pronounced that we should learn to cope with it because, what is for us, would come to us naturally. That is one thing, which we should learn and don't throw tantrums for the unfairness of our situation. So be happy.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Wise Rain Tree

The next story is about a tree. The place where I am sitting has huge rain trees which has really stood the test of time. nearly 450 years old. So this story is about a seed, which came all the way from Africa to be planted by the Portuguese.

John was sitting under the tree and sleeping when someone nudged him. He looked around and found nobody. So he again went back to sleep when he was pushed from the root.

"What the hell is this?"

"Son wake up. You have been sleeping for sometime. Why don't you show your mettle and not just waste your time in sleeping. Look around, how much energy the nature is giving out. The trees, the birds, the sun, the air. They are giving out their best, the light, the heat, the beauty, the scent and what are you doing in the middle of this splendour?

Nothing. Son, now you are young. You have the energy to do what you like. But there will be a time, when you are fit to lie down in bed.

But sir, you are just a tree and not a human being. How do you know what happens to us? The tree smiled and nodded.

How long do you think, I have been in this very ground?

A hundred years?

No. four hundred and fifty years.

That much old?

Don't think of my age, or the number of sunshine and rains I have seen. Imagine how many people might have sat or slept or played under this tree.

Wow!!!! you are cool. But why do you say all this to me?

Because you are young. When I too was young, I too had a family in Africa.

Really!!! then how come you are here?

Its a long story.

Please do say what happened?

Hmmm it was long time back. I was then a seed fully matured and dangling happily on the tree, which you all call rain tree, when suddenly it happened. I fell down

"Ouch! It was not fair to throw me out of your cocoon mother tree."

"Child, you have overstayed. Now its your time to prove, what you are made from. Show your mettle to the world."

"But mother tree, how can I prove myself? I am in a jungle and no one would see me?"

"Wait and see."

After a day or two, a trekking expedition team from Portuguese passed by our tree. Suddenly a big rain came and they took shelter under our tree. They sat there, untouched by even a single drop of rain. They were awe struck by the enormity and the use of the tree. So they took some seeds including me along with them.

The team returned back to the boat for their onward voyage to India, which was a sea route already created by Vasco - da - Gama, a Potuguese sailor. They arrived at Kappad in Calicut. Its in North Kerala and then they travelled down South to Kochi, where it was so humid and barren that they decided to plant me and the other seeds in and around the place. I have been here for the past 450 years without complaint. If you were in my place, how would you feel son?

I really cannot imagine. With all the freedom, I am not happy with myself. then its rally trivial to ask, what would I feel, of I am stuck here as you. I would surely be angry and pulling my hairs apart. I might even curse, the team who planted me here. The tree nodded and smiled.

And would it make any difference?

I don't think so. It would be only me struggling, angry and filled with hatred.

Exactly. So better know, what you do is your choice. If you want to play, you play. If you want to sleep, you sleep. If you want to be happy, you would try. if you want to study, you study. If you want to become a good person, you try to be. So who has a role in it? Your parents or is it your teachers?

No sir. Its just me alone can do that.

Good. But while doing all these we should not lose our character. Look at me. I am useful to purify air, to give shade, to give wood and I try to retain that whole my life. That is my good part. But I too have my bad character, I shed my leaves and my old branches fall causing danger to those who stand under. It started when I started becoming old before I was strong. Now I cannot do anything about it. I fear that one day, they will cut me down. The people who had sat under this tree, played under this tree will be the people who would be in the forefront to cut me. But I do not regret because I have given my best to the world around me and I would give it till the very last breath.

But for human beings, you can remove the bad character by your decision, because you are a human being. But whether you are a human or a tree, we have only a short time to live. Live wisely. No matter where you are, live life for the betterment of your self. Then automatically all the people around you will benefit. John sighed.

"Thank you Mr. Rain tree. I am really glad, you spoke to me. And yes what you said is true, you have really gave the best for us. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. But can I ask one question?"

Sure, what is it?

Do you miss your family?

No son, just look around. There are several trees and plants. They are now my family and even in their midst I have kept my identity intact. I have lived up to the expectation of my mother tree and that is enough for me. Family is to help us grow and not for us to squeeze out their energy. Respect them. They would not be around always.

Thank you very much Mr. Tree. I will keep that in mind.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Do You Have A Wish?

I am planning to write a story about a child who had everything. This came to mind, when one of my colleagues spoke about working hard to earn money.

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Ben. He was very very rich. He got whatever he asked for. So there was no cause for complaint. One day, he and his friends decided to go for a picnic in a jungle many miles away. It was all well planned and charted in advance. They decided the food, the servants, the route, the vehicle and the timings too. So a very big group of friends, servants and Ben set out for this trip. They started very early and they travelled for sometime. Then they found a large clearing near the river side.It was the first stop they had planned. So they stopped for breakfast. The servants set the plates for Ben and his friends and served breakfast of bread toast, marmalade, eggs and fruit juice. They had their fill and rested for sometime. The servants cleaned the clearing and waited for Ben and his friends. At that moment a lady wearing tattered clothes went to the river and jumped into it. All were surprised to see another living being in and around the place. They waited for the lady to come for air. But she didn't come. They waited and waited. But nothing happened. So the group decided to investigate. They removed their clothes and jumped into the river. The servants waited for them to come up. But nothing happened. So leaving behind one servant, all the others jumped into the river and to their utter shock, they were sucked into an underwater vortex. It was an incredible experience. They were rotating and rotating when a huge hairy man pulled them up by their hair. They found that it was none other than their Ben. To their surprise, all of them were hairy creatures. They didn't know where they were. They started wandering on the wide open land, when they found a big palace, a very beautiful palace. They went in and they found lots of hairy people working very hard. They were not talking or stopping work to see the new comers. So Ben touched one person and asked,

"Excuse me sir, can you say, where are we?"

"Sorry, I do not have time to speak. Ask the lady in tattered clothes."

Ben went in search of the lady with the tattered clothes. She was the very same lady whom they saw jumping in the river. She was sitting and mending clothes, with music in the background. She was the same lady.

Ben wondered, "How come, she didn't change after coming out of the water?"

So Ben went near her and asked, "Excuse me madam. Who are you?"

The lady looked up and smiled. She replied, "I am the fulfiller of wishes."

"Then how come you are mending clothes?"

"When I fulfill a wish, there would be broken hearts, relationships and promises. That is what I am mending. Its no clothes."

"Why are all the people here hairy?"

"People who have wishes become hairy and those who haven't are normal." Then one of the servants interjected,"But master Ben, what more wishes do you have? You have everything."

"Yes, what you said is true. But I cannot find happiness and I want that. Can you give it to me madam?"

"Only you can make it happen Ben. Look at these people. They want happiness too and they believe money can make them happy and they work hard for it day and night and they get it too, but in the process, they have forgotten their families, friends and relationships. Now my duty is to mend the broken hearts, dreams and aspirations of the family members."

"And are you successful in mending?"

"What do you think? Can I mend broken hearts, broken promises or broken relationships created by someone else?"

"No I do not think so."

"Yes, what you thought is right. If you have broken hearts or promises or relationships, then only you can mend it. I can only give an opportunity to fulfill your wishes. So young guy, you wanted to be happy. How do you think, you would feel happy?"

"I do not know Madam. I have everything, I could ask for. But still I am not happy. If you could advice me. Then I feel, I would be happy."

"Good. Happiness you are searching for is in your hands Ben. You do not have to go in search for it. I request you to work hard with all your capabilities and share your food with the hungry, share your clothes with the people who haven't proper clothes to wear, share your shelter with the homeless. Then you will know, what happiness is. Will you do that?"

"I am not sure madam because what I have is all my parents'. How can I share, what is not mine?" I have not worked even a single day of my life. Then how do I earn anything?"

"There is always a today, this moment. The best time to start is now. And remember happiness comes, when we love our fellow beings and share what we have with them. All what is given for you, your talents, energy, aspirations, riches, etc.. are for sharing and not holding it back for your sole purpose."

"But madam, we are not in the real world. How do we return back to our places." The lady smiled and nodded.

"Just stop wishing, you will return back to the river and from then on you can live your life. But the sad thing is, you would be alone because your companions value riches more than love." Ben turned around to see, that his companions had indeed left him."

"When will my companions return back to their families?"

"When they feel that they have had enough riches." Ben nodded and walked back to the vortex with a heavy heart. Not knowing, what to say to their families. So now he understood why the lady was not wearing tattered clothes. She was wearing the tattered hearts of all the people here. Now, he too was wearing - the hearts of the families of his companions, who was working very hard to become rich. What will he say to their families? He jumped into the vortex to return to normal life. He decided to work hard and share what he earns happily with the less privileged. That is what we call love.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


Friday, November 8, 2013

How old are you guys?




Are you sure? I feel, you are above thousand years old.

Rafael, we know you are not joking, even in Guinness book, it is 115 years old, and then how will we cross 1000 and still look youthful?

Because you are spirit. Spirit has no death. You didn't arrive in this world just seventeen or fourteen or thirteen years before. You were here long before that. Who knows, you might have been the first parents or the Pharaoh of Egypt. Whoever you may be or whatever you are, during each lifetime whatever actions you have done would return to you, if it has not returned in that very life, it crosses to the next life or lives.
No wonder, why some people always are not lucky from birth onwards, I have thought it
If you have hurt your parents in your previous life, by ill treating them, by putting them in oldage homes or someone else's home or pushed them into the street and abused them, beat them, then it has to return to you. That is why, some children cannot be with their parents by being in the boarding, orphanages, someone else's homes, streets and being abused and ill treated by the parents. It is not the fault of parents, for our current circumstance. We had already created our own destiny and its no use blaming anybody. Live it without any murmur and live this life with full knowledge, which you are not going to make your parents unhappy and create a bad destiny for yourself.

Rafael, how many lives do we have to live?

Until you clear all the bad writings you have made on your spirit, even the smallest one too should be cleared, which would take years or sometimes lifetimes.

Oooh now I understand why sages live alone in the forests, to clear all the bad writings and not to make any new ones, right?

Exactly, when you clear all the bad writings, which is very difficult because, we go through all the consequences of the bad actions and during that time, if your heart is filled with love, then you would see the real self, a light, which we call the aura comes out of the spirit and envelopes around us and lead us to God, completing our life in this Earth and uniting us with God, never to know, what is sadness or hurt or unhappiness. You would be eternally happy, peaceful, healthy and rich. You have reached the Aladdin's cave.

Do you mean to say, that we die.
You do not have to physically die, to unite with God. But yes, you will have to die on anger, hatred, loose words, evil thoughts, bad attitudes, etc... to reach God.

Then why did you focus only on parents Rafael?

To read further just click the link below

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Excerpt of Follow the Heart and Time Your Tide

This is an excerpt of my romantic novel.

Maria….Maria… where are you? “Oh My God! Sr. Lea!” She’s here? She wasn’t expected until tomorrow, that was what Sr. Damien had told. Maria muttered under her breath and ran to the dormitory, expecting the tirade of “I have told you not to do this, that and that and…that Huh.” But Maria was Maria. She did what she felt right. But for Sr. Lea, Maria was a mortal mistake sent to make her life a living hell.
Sr. Lea, the boarding mistress was a short, stout lady in her 40’s. She was always on logger heads with Maria. Sr. Lea was disliked by all except her relatives and friends. There were not many of them for her. One look at Sr. Lea, said it all. “She was ANGRY”. Maria came slowly to her with a wavering smile.
“Maria! how many times have I to tell you, not to bring flowers for my sick children? They might be allergic to flower pollens and there might be insects in it too but you don’t hear me. I have always told you not to disturb the sick children. I would report it to Sr. Damien. You might be a medical student, but you’re, a nuisance to my children.”
Maria looked at Roma, the seven year old who had been suffering from fever for a week. Her fever had gone, but she was too weak to get up. She knew, that it was not the fever that was making her weak, there was something that was hurting Roma. Maria knew each and every kid in the boarding. Today, after breakfast Maria had come to give Roma company and caught her crying into her pillow when she was totally alone, that was when Roma opened up. She wanted to go home. She missed her parents. Seeing her grief, Maria brought her favourite flowers to cheer her up, and now, Sr. Lea is shouting in front of the poor child. I should stop her free flowing words, thought Maria.
Maria, with a gesture of repentance, eyes down, hands joined together in front, spoke softly, “Sr. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to make Roma sick.” Roma opened her eyes and looked at her fearfully, but Maria winked at her. Roma smiled at Maria and closed her eyes. Maria sighed and turned to go. “Maria, Sr. Damien is calling you. She is in the parlour.” “Me? For What?” “You have a visitor.” Maria, didn’t have a clue of who that might be. With her brows wrinkled she walked towards the parlour.

The link to this is as follows :-

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An Excerpt - Why Should You Love Your Parents

Can I ask a question Raj?

Sure Rafael, What is it?

Who are your parents?

Naturally, my dad and mom.

You are right, and can anyone say, what is their specialtye?

One thing is sure, the main specialty of parents is, and they are not short of advices. They feed us, cloth us, and try to give us a comfortable life.

Hmmm. that about sums them up, good Ranjith. But do they understand you, when you are facing a problem or do they know your wishes, when it blooms in your heart?

I don't think so Rafael, but sometimes, yes, they do answer our hearts but not always, they do not understand us.

Have you ever thought why our parents cannot understand us?

Because they are our parents, normal human beings.

But, do you know, why you thought it?

Because they sometimes are more dumb to our ideas.

No children, don't say such words, it’s because in you, you know that they are not your real parents.

Sorry, I had to shock you, it's better now than never, but first hear me, O.K? All nodded, dazed

Rafael, what do you mean by, ' In us we know?'

Good question, which is the part, that hurts more, when you are sad?

I don't know, heart? I think its something very inside the heart.

Exactly Tara, Something from our very inside and that is the same for happiness too, when we do something good, when you behaved properly, there is something very filling from the very inside, which overflows to the world outside, isn't it?

Thinking about it, yes Rafael, happiness
does overflow as well as sadness.

Good, now you know, there is a part which doesn't come under the physical parts of your body, which you cannot name it, but it responds, when you are sad or happy or hurt and that means there is a fully working part in you, that cannot be seen. This part is what we call the spirit or you can say you’re Spiritual Self or your soul. And that is the real Ranjith, Mathew, Raj, Tara and Ajay.

Are you kidding Rafael?

No, you should know it and grow accordingly. It’s complicated but I'll make you understand. Physically, like whom do you look?

Like my dad.

Without doubt Mathew, likewise, your spiritual self also look like another parent.
Rafael, are you saying that we have another set of parents and you know them?

Well, not another pair of parents, but yes, you all are the children of a very powerful personality, who looks exactly like your spiritual self.

Rafael, you are talking in riddles, how can we all have the same parent?

Who is it Rafael?

To read further just clock the link below

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Global Warming Slogan

1. Use ebooks & Stop Cutting Trees

2. Reduce Children & Produce Trees

3. No Earth no birth

4. Walk to Work, Cycle to Work. Save The Earth One More Time.

5. Move your home close to work.

6. Use Air, Water & Sun for Electricity.

7. Low carbon behaviour saves money.

8. Don’t Suffocate our Future. Stop Using Plastic.

9. No Pollution is the solution.

10. Earth is slowly dying. Save her, go green.

11. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Monday, November 4, 2013


The practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. That is what Euthanasia is all about I do not know how it happened. But this was the topic that came during lunch.

So what do you think? Is it right to kill a person, who is alive, but not conscious or conscious, but unable to do anything?

If you ask me, I can only say, I don't know because one of my colleague is in the same situation. His wife has been completely paralyzed for the past 15 years. The lady is literally bedridden, unable to even blink her eyes. What might be her thought?

Nobody knows and my colleague, takes care of her so specially, that I was surprised. If I was in her place, I really would have wished myself dead. What about you? If you were in this situation?

Anyway leave it. So what do you think? Are you in favour of killing a human being, whether unconscious or half dead?

If it was me,I cannot do it because they have life. If it was in the machine, then I would say, let it go. Switch off the machine. But if they are living on their own heart beat and breathing with their own lungs, whether half dead or fully unconscious, then we will have to let hem live. It is our destiny to look after them. But if its machine doing these works, then, in real, they are not alive. Then how can we let them live, when they are already dead. So they should be relieved off the machines. Don't you think? But in the case of my colleague, he has to be with her, till she dies. He cannot kill her. I know, even if I am in this situation, we will have to go through this phase for our good and the good of our loved ones. Don't you dare think, that you are a burden to others. No. Never because, we would be finishing off our bad karmas and our loved ones too are going through the same phase. So cheer guys. No Euthanasia, if anyone can survive without machines or else, forget life and Rest In Peace(RIP).

See you tomorrow.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Traditional Ethnic Food of Kerala

Tapioca is the traditional ethnic food of Kerala. There are many reasons, to get such a position. Firstly, this state, which is in South of India is an agrarian state, where the main occupation is farming and the source of income is agriculture. As you all know, in India, farming is not an easy job. Its hard manual work, no machine at all; and for that the farmer needs lot of energy; good and sustaining food to get the work done for half a day. A good and heavy breakfast is a pre-requisite for this type of manual labor. Along with that if they can get it for a cheap price, it would be an added bonus because the farmers are always poor, as they don’t get a fair price for their products.
Tapioca is a tuber which is full of carbohydrate. It helps in getting the necessary energy. It also is a poor man's food. It can be grown in the backyard of every home. Since Kerala is a coastal state, fish curry is the side dish used for the tapioca. Its really a great combination with respect to taste and budget.

To prepare Tapioca. The ingredients are as follows:-
1. Tapioca – ½ Kg
2. Grated Coconut – ½ cup
3. Turmeric Powder – ¼ teaspoon
4. Green Chilli – 1
5. Garlic – 7 pods
6. Water
7. Salt
8. Curry leaves – 1 stick (12 leaves)

Preparation :-

Peel the Tapioca (ingredient 1) and cut it into ¼ inches pieces. Wash it thoroughly twice and strain it. Grind coarsely the ingredients from 2 to 5. Place a heavy bottom saucepan on the fire and put the tapioca into it and pour the water (ingredient 6).The water should cover the tapioca and two inches above the level of the tapioca. Let it boil, until cooked. Then remove the water from the sauce pan(you can strain off water) and add the grounded ingredients(ingredient 1-5), salt (ingredient 7), as per your requirement and curry leaves (ingredient 8) and place it on fire and cover it, until the steam comes. Make sure that the tapioca doesn’t get burnt. If the water is finished. Just switch off the fire and let it closed for five minutes. After five minutes, take a big and strong table spoon and smash the tapioca along with all the ingredients. Taste it, in between, if it has sufficient salt. If necessary, you can add it now, afterwards, it won’t serve the purpose. Again mix thoroughly and your breakfast is ready to serve, with fish, chicken, beef or whatever pleases your palate.

So enjoy your low cost food. Have a great day.

See you tomorrow. Until then, Take care. Bye


Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Fight With Sleep

My Favourite activity is to overcome my sleep. In a cool climate its soooooo angelic to be sleeping covered cozily in a blanket. And when morning comes, a clash with the warmth of the blanket and the morning frost can be felt so strongly that I just move into the cocoon of my blanket. This laziness really got to me. I started to become tired, sleepy and bulky, then I knew I had crossed the boundary. I knew I was nose deep in danger. So I took the first step to break the shackles of laziness. Break my daily routine and risk taking the path of ancient sages (According to the Indian culture, one should rise with the sun, take bath and do yoga, prayer or meditation and start your daily chores.)except for the morning bath part. I really fared well. Maybe I might try the bath part after sometime.If this idea had been told one month before, I would have just gone insensible.

But now I know the perks of getting up early which I would never forfeit for any other thing in the world, the peace and tranquility of the surrounding. The birds asleep , the churches, the temples and the mosques too immersed in silence, awaiting for their morning bell to chime. It’s a half an hour reprieve, where I go through the ritual of finding myself from the previous day’s maze of noise, early morning laziness, relationships, both big and small, thoughts and thoughts and thoughts. Some changes happen, I know not what, but one thing is sure I’m a changed person, nothing gets to my nerves, a prioritization table has formed in my system, a tranquility has been embedded in me, all these and many more, has helped me complete my work without much hassle and hullabaloo. Now I’m alive , you know the alive part of Nescafe advertisement? or you can say Lifebuoy advertisement.

As I wasn’t an early riser, I had loads of work backlogs. I didn’t have time for anything. I’m always busy and looking very fatigued. I couldn’t reach my target, but now, after I decided to cut my sleep short, anyway take the advice of old time sages. I first did it for 6:30 am. Now I don’t think you’d believe it, I wake up at 4:30am. Now I hear the first bird call. The first rays of the sun, the fresh scent of breeze. Its so refreshing that I get the light spring of youthfulness, which I would not want to miss for anything in this world. The energy of the first born sun rays is revitalizing and it transcends to all my aspects of my life. I see a smile from my family. They have their food in time, the dress ironed, and things all done and up-to-date. Now they have a much more better opinion of me than I would have had, two weeks back.

Can I tell you a secret? I was not planning to wake up at the very first bell and I’m not that type too. I thought I’ll give my body a breathing space. So according to me, I’ll give the first notice at 4.30am and set the alarm for it, snoozed it (a waiting period) for 15 minutes, then one more 15 minutes, then I could drag myself out of my cocoon by 5 or 5:30 or maximum 6am not more than that for sure. But today I woke up on the first bell of the alarm. That is indeed a prize winning, back slapping, sweet sharing act, isn’t it. Me too I feel the same. Since there is no one to give me a prize or a backslap, I just got myself some sweets to celebrate this momentous occasion.
Feed for thought :- if I had chosen I could have gone back to sleep, but God has given me a powerful will, (which I think everybody has it) and a heart to prove and a mind to make it see through the end. I thought I’ll utilize it, well I’ll have to at some point of time. Do you know what my motivating factor is, If man can conquer the Himalayas, if he can step on the moon, then why shouldn’t I start at least for the basics. Its not to prove it to anybody. Its to prove to myself that I’m invincible.

But there is a twist to the story, we need to conquer Everest only once and set our foot on the moon once. But we will have to conquer our vices on a daily basis. And believe me, we are the greatest conquerors,the world have ever seen, if we can conquer sleep and laziness.

See you tomorrow. Until then.

Take care, Bye.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Do You Believe?

Today, I asked a foreigner whether he believes in Rebirth.

He immediately and emphatically said "No".

And the Orient believe in Rebirth. How did that happen?

We are all human race in the same old Earth and still we have different attitudes. How?

Well, to be frank, I do not know. But there is one thing which you might feel funny, Look at your physical body, you have one body and different body parts with totally different functions. Don't you feel it weird?

Yes. I do.

Just look at all things in nature. This diversity is what makes it picture perfect. You know, the hand that works cannot do the job of the eyes or nose or the heart. But it is an integral part of the body, why because it makes the body run smoothly. So whatever the attitudes each person have, they are here for a purpose, whether they believe or not, whether they live or not, etc...

So don't bother of others belief or yours. The only thing that matters is, you are here for a purpose and that, you do it flawlessly. I hope you know what you are here for.

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care. Bye