Saturday, October 12, 2013

You Needn't Pray

Today, during our family prayer, we have this Bible reading session too. So today, it was my turn to read. I got the part where St. Peter heals a lame man outside the temple. And this man had never gone until then inside that temple. It's really weird, isn't it? Because, we all go to the temple or any place of worship to fulfill our needs and the real gift is distributed outside it. When Jesus was alive, He too did the same. Why is it like that? Have you wondered?

Well, I became aware of it today.

There is a reason. People, who believe that they have not done any wrong in their eyes and in the eyes of the Lord are the people, who go to pray inside a place of worship and they are sure, they are entitled for a sack full of gifts. But for the people outside the place of worship knows for sure, that they are not eligible to be in the vicinity of the Divine and that is why, they stay out. But there lies the truth, no man is perfect. We all make several mistakes a day with our thoughts, deeds and words.

So don't be boastful in front of God. He can see every thought, word and deed. And I am sure, we all want to avoid such situation.

So next time, when you walk on the road, be aware, you have a chance to do good and reap its gift, then and there itself or if your heart is like a child, innocent and guileless, then you don't even have to pray. Great isn't it?

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care, Bye.


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