Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When Will I Reach My Grave?

Yesterday, we were discussing that we do not have much to boast of. But have you ever thought, that human beings are the most perfect creatures in the whole of the Universe?

I know you might have, but there is a very serious part. We have no role in making ourselves perfect.

O. K. Who places a child in the womb of a mother?

I don't know.

Who decides whether it should be a boy or a girl?

I don't know.

Good, who decides, whether it should be a twin or a triplet?

I don't know.

And this child comes out to the world and grows grows to become a man or a woman and how does all the body parts come into existence both inside and outside their body?
I don't know.

Well, you can explain scientifically for sure, but the life part is still a mystery, as well as the death part too.

Our body works so systematically and properly,that do you have any say in it?

I hope not.

Then what is there which we have created? Which we can say our own?

Nothing, except some cravings, hatreds, anger, love and a big ego. Is there anything else?

What does that mean?

Simple, we are born with a picture perfect person. We do not need to add anything, except take care of it. But do you do that?


Take care of your person.

No, your money or education cannot make you healthy. Your attitude is the only way to make yourself the perfect being till the very end or else, you would end up in one thought, when will I reach my grave?

So, next time, think twice, whether what you use is good for your health. Cherish what you have. No one can take care of you, except you.

See you tomorrow.
Until then, take care, Bye.

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