Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What is Your Worth?

That is a question I always ask, before I take a risk.

You might think, why I ask such a weird question. Its simple. We should have something to lose, if you have a problem in taking risk, right?

So putting a value to my existence, I would say zero and those goes to all living things on Earth.

We all come to an end one time or other and we cannot take anything, not a single penny. Even our relationships. But there is one thing we take with us, our dreams, our actions, our reactions, which we had done in our lifetime to be passed on to the next life. These are all bank balances of our next life.

If you do something good, then be sure, you have deposited a lump sum into your life account, which would give great dividends and that is what we should be worth.

And the risk you take, should be for the good of others and for that you should love and respect yourself because, you do this for yourself. How come?

When you do something good to others it naturally comes back to you. So guys, let go of yourself and make yourself worth your existence.

See You Tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


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