Friday, October 18, 2013

The Reason For Rebirth?

Today, I had a big talk, where we got to say about rebirth. I know, you might think it crazy and I have already spoken about it before. But I met a person, who told, she doesn't want to be born again. I was surprised because, in this day and age, no sane person would believe about rebirth and all. What do you think? Am I right?

If I had not been insane, I would have been in that boat of non believers. But when you live with your heart, where you feel, when someone gets hurt or rejoice or cry, then you live with your heart and these people are not of the world. We can call them "Crazy".

But believe me, they are the winners of life because, they have nothing to lose. They have everything to gain. A mother, who is a housewife, has nothing to give to her family, except her love, which would naturally be in the form of good food, clean dress, neat home and above all a shoulder to cry on. No financial perks. But all the family members comes to her and she is one hell of a person, no home can be without. That doesn't mean, that all mothers are like that. I was just pointing that, if you give love, that will return to you double and triple measure, from different sources. Now I was not planning to say about all this. I wanted to say, what causes rebirth.

Have you thought about it?

Well, let me first reiterate, there is rebirth. Don't ask proofs. Just believe it and the answers would come to you.

Anyway, for Hindus, Lord Vishnu was born in this world nine times, the tenth, they are awaiting.

In the bible too, Jesus was risen from the dead and he was with His disciples. Lazarus was risen from the dead, etc....etc...

We got all these information from the sacred books. These books are our route map of our life, whatever happens in our life, it has been explained in detail, how it happens, how should we face it? etc..etc...

In the Bible, the end part in the life of Jesus, was Hos turning point - a crisis moment, when Judas betrayed and Peter denied three times and the culmination in crucifixion. We all have all these situations in our lives, not literal crucifixion, but a sort of, with different life experiences.

At that time, don't get chicken hearted, be courageous to go through the situation or else, you will have to face the same situation again and again and it would pass on to the next life, which we are forced to be born again. Do you like that to happen again in your second life?

I hope not.

Keep your promises or else, you would have to be born again, to fulfill this single promise?

No way.

And if you have done something wrong, you would have to rectify it immediately or else, again you will have to be born again to clear your mistake.

These are all very complicated, I know. But that is for intelligent people. For the children and the people, who lives with the heart has nothing to think about, they do it correctly or else, the heart would kick their butt out.

Get to live guys.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye.


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