Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Call

Today, it was the day of Mother Teresa, I feel because I happened to hear about her in two different places and the topic was the same. How she set out to help the poor with just Rs. 5/-. I really was awe struck of a lady, who single handedly threw out her safety and followed her call.

You know, nuns have a call. Its the dialogue of all Christians, who are called for the church. Now, when this call comes. No one can control it. It so powerful that we just throw away whatever we have. In the New Testament too, there is a part where the disciples are being called by Jesus and they just drop their nets and boats and follow Jesus.

This is what happens when the normal people who have the only source of hearing the call in churches, temples or mosques leave all the work and commitments, just to be with the Lord.

In India, the parents, grandparents, they take their children, when they are small, along with them for worship. At that time, the children, gets the opportunity to have a walk, either morning or evening, then meet family or friends along the way.And sweets or snacks too would be an added bonus, if they are with grandparents.

This is the initiative, the Indian child gets, and from then on, he gets to hear his inner calls.

When you hear that call, then the path to spirituality has started. If that happens, then no turning back. Though its not an easy path, you would not have any fear of the future. Life comes Life goes, what matters is the unity between the creator and the creation. Its simply beautiful and peaceful.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


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