Monday, October 21, 2013

Stop Your Wish

I do not know, whether you would believe it, but today one of my long forgotten wish was fulfilled. I wanted to visit an island, which was not very far away, but it was inaccessible to the local people.

I could have created a circumstance and entered into this island. But, I had not taken the initiative and I had totally forgotten about it or I had lost interest in it.

Today, I was forced to take a trip, if I had a choice, would have surely avoided. So I half heartedly started the trip in a lightweight boat, which was like a matchbox. It was a bit scaring as well as sea sickening experience. Since we didn't expect such a boat, we had to change boats in between and we embarked on a much more better boat in this island, which I thought, WoW.

I just wanted to say is, if you wish for something, it will come to fruition, no matter, how much delayed it be. And you would have to fulfill all your wishes which you have wished, to take off from this world, or else, you would wait here. I would suggest, the lesser the wishes, the better because, as I was forced to take a trip, which I could have avoided, if I had not wished to see that stupid island. Anyway, I hope, I have cleared that wish.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye


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