Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sex Crazy World

Today, I received the shock of my life, when one of my cousins openly acknowledged that he has lots of friends and they are friendly in every away, including sexual relationship.
I really got stuck. He has reasons too. God has given a life to enjoy. We all die and at that time, all what we have will be gone. Even the beautiful would be deteriorated. Then why waste our beauty and opportunity.
Hearing all these I just sat there open mouthed. I really didn’t expect him to be like that. I was very sad. What do you think? Are you of the same type? I do not want to criticise or advice you.
Remember sexual relationship is not the root of happiness. It would bring the lightning sensation and that is finished for the time being and again after sometime, man would feel, it wasn’t sufficient and again the process starts. It brings a short term satisfaction, which is so short, that man would like to reliven the experience and for that he tries with other mates. But, there is one thing, which he doesn’t know, he is a man and not a butterfly or a honey bee. He is deteriorating his spiritual power losing his identity, with this act.
There is one law in the Universe, your body is for only one person, your spouse. And selecting that person, should be done with great care.
But while selecting, make sure, that you do not use your body because, when you control your cravings, you would gain power spiritually, which helps to connect to your spouse more easily. Uniting spiritually is the 10/10 compatible mate. The pair would be compatible in all level. No one can surpass that compatibility.
Sexual Relationship is not for fun, but for procreation. If you can control your sexual cravings, then better skip marriage. But if you cannot, then marry, but try to get a spiritually compatible spouse, or else, you would be procreating sexually crazy children. That is why we have so many rapes, they are so crazy, that they forget the line which they shouldn’t cross, as that of a parent, or child or sibling or friend.
See You Tomorrow.
Until then, take care, Bye

Now, if you get married

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