Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Oh!!!!! Jooji Boooji"

Today, there was a christening, you know, the christians give their initiation to christianity through christening.

The child is unaware of any such process, just the discomfort of having to be petted "Oh!!! Jooji Booji", Oh!!!! Nnnnnnuuu Nnnnnuuu", etc..etc.. by the whole lot of friends and relatives. But for the parents, it doesn't matter, because its a tradition passed on from generation. And the people who started, our forefathers, they knew one thing. If they hadn't take the initiative, then we would not be, what we are.

People think and criticize, regarding initiating babies into a religion. They should be given the freedom to choose, what religion to take and all the reasons of not to initiate.

I do not know, what would be your mentality. But I am on my ancestors side. Initiate immediately after birth. Can I ask a question?

Why do our parents save money? Why do they build houses? Why do they give education, from when we are toddlers? Why do we take insurance? etc.....

It is for our safety, for our well being, that would be your answer, right? And that is O.K. for you all guys, isn't it? Then how come, this initiation into spirituality needs your consent?

If our ancestors know, what is good for us in physical, intellectual, financial matters, then how come, they got short sighted with respect to spiritual matters. Then it is good for us. Why make so much fuss and put 1001 reasons for denying that good?

Now, if we are given the freedom to choose, how long will it take for us to decide? or do you think, we would decide at all?

Our ancestors, have taken ages to get their life easy. For them religion was a recipe which has been passed to us for a happily ever after life. We should know, it is a stepping stone for the happily ever after life. They are giving us the base and its our duty to grow on it and not shun it. Whatever they did, they did right. Just accept it and live happily ever after. Just go through the initiation, your parents are wishing to take you. All will open up automatically.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


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