Saturday, October 26, 2013

Live Your Life

I am continuing with yesterday's blog, "The Joke Of Life".

Now, what I have told about nothingness is true. Read the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible.

There was nothing, no Universe or whatever we see now was there. It was total darkness. Then one by one, everything was created. How?

By the word of God.

For Hindus, they say Om (The Word).

Which means, that the thoughts I went through was true. Every human being gets an opportunity to understand their root of existence. But we should have the antenna to receive it. I do not remember, my mom and myself having a long chat, but this situation rose because, it gave clarity to my existence. I had given meaning to the word of creation in another light, different angle. It might be right or wrong. But this one just clicked into place, which means, it is true. We might give reasons and explanation, but if we are not able to answer our own doubt, then what is the use of answering or explaining, the same thing to others?

There is only one way to explain and answer these Life's Joke, Live Your Life and everything would fall into place, with mothers, fathers, friends, children, etc to lend their hands in the process.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, Bye


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