Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anger is one thing, which is very difficult to control. But how does it come in the first place?
Today I was so angry with my son, that I could have murdered him easily. Luckily, it didn’t happen. It was not easy. Usually, I do not get angry quickly. So when I had time to think, I asked, what made me so angry.
The answer was simple, my son disobeyed me or I can put it as, he was not obeying me. Then I understood, the situation of God when He threw Adam and Eve out of Eden. How much hurt he might have felt because of this disobedience.
We all are great people, as human beings, but we people feel, that we would never do wrong. That is where we do the mistake. It doesn’t end there. There is the blaming part too. When we find that we have made a mistake, we tend to blame others for our actions. Then be sure you’re doomed.
We are people with limitation for sure, but disobedience can worsen our situation. Obedience can really smoothen our path. No parents want their children to fail in life or to be a loser. But we children feel that these restrictions and rules are shackling our onward journey and the first thing we do is break it and thus starts the downward journey.
So guys, do decide, what you want in life, if you need happiness, just follow the restrictions and rules, your parents, teachers, higher ups put towards you, then life would be far more easier to live or else shackles would fall around your hands before long.

See you tomorrow.
Until then, take care, bye.


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