Monday, October 7, 2013

I Have Confidence & Confidence .....

Yesterday when I spoke of the Titanic - The Wrecked Ship. I felt sad.

You know, such a master piece sunk so easily, without anything to hold on to. Don't misunderstand, I have seen the Titanic in a movie and not the real one. But we all know, that it was one of the great disasters in the history of mankind and it all happened because, the maker boasted of its strength, that "The Ship would never sink"

And it sank in its maiden journey, simply like that. How can that be possible?

Its simple, over confidence.

If we are too confident of ourselves, we tend to overlook our flaws. That, is our downfall.

There is one more perspective, overconfidence happens, when we have less exposure to the world.

A frog in the well can have over confidence, but a frog in the ocean would never think of it. He is struggling keep his feet steady in the big waves of ocean.

I wanted to make you aware that, if you are confident, then your downfall is imminent or else, you would be observant, vigilant and do the necessary, at the nick of time and be a winner.

That is the challenge, we have to face everyday, living life. Don't live it with over confidence. Live it with courage.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care, Bye.


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