Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Today, a most weird conversation took place at my home. A french lady was speaking about a dream she had. She dreamt, that she was in Paris and was surprised that she was in her hotel in India.

So, I asked her, how she felt. "Did you feel sad or happy?"

She replied, she didn't feel anything. But when she returns back to Paris, she would really have difficulty to change from Indian to Parisian.

When I thought about it, I too had this problem, to adjust to the atmosphere, where we have been replanted.

Everything in nature too have this problem, the plants, the stones, the animals. This situation is so precarious, that we would have a tendency to flee to our safe cocoon.

But that is what we shouldn't do - flee. We are being replanted for a reason - to grow.

When the child takes his first standing from the sitting position, it is a growing up and that continues with the first step, the first run. These stages are nail biting situation for the child. he might fall. But if he gets chicken hearted and sit in the sitting position. He would never develop.

This would be the situation, if we do not get out of the safe cocoon of family, home, friends, job, etc.... then we would never grow. We would be full of ourself. Only when we go far into the ocean, would we be able to catch sharks and when we go deeper into the ocean, can we get the pearl oysters. What do you think? Am I right?

So, for starters, try to cultivate a hobby, which could replant you from this rut and give you a glimpse of the nothingness of Self. Then we would easily connect with our surroundings, people, their culture, their essence. An air mingles with every situation, no matter, where it is, because, it feels, "I am a non entity. So it doesn't make a difference, whether I am here or not." But in fact, it makes a lot of difference isn't it? It is a life giver. We too are the same. Our presence do has the power to make a difference, unless, we are ready to replant.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


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