Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Trouble

I know, its not fair to say, but today I had the most incredible speech, which I rendered to my mother.

It was the continuation of a dialogue, which I had told, to my friends, which my mother misinterpreted. I had a very pampered life, no work, only study, play, eat, sleep, pray. My hands and feet were always clean. I got to wear neat and wrinkle free dresses, rich toys, etc...etc... Because I was in the boarding. So whenever I have something to say, it would naturally be connected to my boarding life, which my mother feels, that I am criticizing her. So today, the same happened and I do not know, how I was able to get those words, correctly, but I did it, which made her happy. You might be impatient to know, what I said, right?

"Meena, I really felt hurt, when you said that about me."
"Mom, I would never criticize you for putting me in the boarding. You did me a great service. You made me a spiritual person and thank you so much. That life purified me a lot. Even if you decide to put me in a boarding, its not necessary to happen. It happens, only if it is the plan of the Supreme Creator, God. So why are you worried, that we are criticizing. Whatever happened to us in the past is not your doing. If I have to be in the right track, I should go through that route alone and no other. You just were a means. You are not the person who put us in the boarding. If you plan to become a young girl this very moment, can you make it happen? No. You can't because, there is a big planner, who gets thing done for us, according to our past. So from today, just forget what you have done to us. There is no one to blame you and especially not me."

You would not believe it. She accepted it, without a murmur. So you might have taken a wrong decision. And you might be kicking yourself for it. Don't. What you decided is the right one. We will have to go through that to make our life. So next time. When you are in trouble. Don't think, "If I had." because you would not take that if part. Ask me why? Because the if part would have the same result - trouble. Your past makes you go through trouble and you go.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


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