Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Any other Gods?

The next best thing I learned from my friend is, never expect anything from human beings. Its not their fault, they are imperfect in the physical sense, which naturally transmits through their thoughts, words and actions. But the eventual heart break is very drastic. If you want to avoid the last part - the heartbreak part. Then you should abstain from attachment.

When we are attached to something or someone, we expect a lot from them or from it. And that creates heart break and we are not here to waste time breaking our hearts. Breaking, joining and healing is along process. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. The owner of the monument Taj Mahal in Agra was so obsessed with his wife, that he was a living dead after her death. And he was like that until his death.

I know you would say,it is sad. But I was thinking about his obsession that he forgot to live.

There are some people who would get mental imbalance or sometimes commit suicide because of his obsession.

This is a very very grave mistake from our part. That is why God gave to Moses the first commandment for us to follow. It stays thus, I am the Lord your God, you shall not have any other God's other than me.

Did it strike anything?

We are giving more importance to people, places or things than life itself and we forget our very existence, what we need for our basic survival, the love of God, which really gives us the necessary nourishment for our daily sustenance.

So I conclude with a wisdom, don't fall in love with this world and create a demi God because you are not of this world. You are the Son of God the father.

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