Thursday, October 24, 2013

Any Bank Balance?

Today, I read a story about a man, who met with an accident. Before meeting with this accident, his situation was, he was angry because he had lost his promotion. He was fed up of his life. He was not able to keep up the expectation of his children or wife. But the moment, he met with an accident, he wished to live. Unfortunately, he got consciousness after 15 long years and sees, how his wife looked after him so devotedly, throughout these fifteen years and brought up his children single-handedly, married them off, etc..etc...

The man try to recollect, how this all started and remembered the lost promotion and not able to be a good parent. He felt ashamed because his wife took care of everything without his promotion and with just his dead person. And they were happy to see him, conscious. They treated him so lovingly after this fifteen year toil. But there was a glitch in his consciousness, he would return back to the coma. So it was just a wish fulfilled, he had asked for. And it made known, how it would be, even if he is not there. How his wife and children would fair, etc... Thinking about it he felt ashamed of the anger, he had for losing his promotion.

This, I am saying it because, our plans are very narrow. We can think of the future in only one direction or two direction and for how many years forward? Whatever. But have you ever thought, that whatever we decide, whether big or small; personal or friendly; we are confident to decide, but the chances of backfiring is 100 percent. And how much would we be able to rectify this situation. Would we be able to replace life? a lost limb, an opportunity, a lost love, etc...? There are lots of things. We can replace things, but not other than that. So beware, when you decide, know that, we have no role in its fulfillment. There is something above us, which controls our lives. And I would say, that is what we call the intervention of God. Without His intervention, we would not survive. So why bother with making decisions and getting it backfired. Just leave it to the God and why not we sit leisurely with a big bag of chocolate chips and a coco-cola and enjoy life? Come on guys, give it a try. If we have a roof to live under, food to eat and a bed to sleep on. Then you are very lucky, guys. Look at the birds in the sky. Any bank balance? So live your life peacefully, happily and lovingly forever and ever Amen.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


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