Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Line Of Crossing

Today, my colleague and myself were talking of boarding life. You know, children being brought up in the boarding. Now its not in vogue. But in the 70s and 80s, most of the kids were in the boarding, including me. You know, the life is so pampered, with nothing to do, just learn, play, eat, sleep. No work at all. Our world, our life. Everyone have money. All needs fulfilled, everything. But there is one thing missing. We lose the freedom part. We can do everything, but in a framework, or else, you are out and my brother was so naughty, that he couldn't get a boarding. You might think, why he was naughty. Simple, he wanted the freedom of love. You know when we are with the parents, we do not need to look at rues, regulations and restrictions and that is what we call the freedom of love.

But the current generation of parents, know it in full force and that is why, now-a-days, children are more at home and shoot the boarding.

Now, there is a drawback which we parents are inculcating in our children,
1. They have so much freedom, that they do not know the line of crossing.
2. They are completely fulfilled, that they take it for granted, that it is their right to have whatever they ask for.
3. They have so much need that sky is their limit and we are unable to keep up to their expectations, when unfulfilled which ultimately ends in suicide or make them drug addicts or wasted life.

So just make sure, whether we have crossed the line of crossing.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What is Your Worth?

That is a question I always ask, before I take a risk.

You might think, why I ask such a weird question. Its simple. We should have something to lose, if you have a problem in taking risk, right?

So putting a value to my existence, I would say zero and those goes to all living things on Earth.

We all come to an end one time or other and we cannot take anything, not a single penny. Even our relationships. But there is one thing we take with us, our dreams, our actions, our reactions, which we had done in our lifetime to be passed on to the next life. These are all bank balances of our next life.

If you do something good, then be sure, you have deposited a lump sum into your life account, which would give great dividends and that is what we should be worth.

And the risk you take, should be for the good of others and for that you should love and respect yourself because, you do this for yourself. How come?

When you do something good to others it naturally comes back to you. So guys, let go of yourself and make yourself worth your existence.

See You Tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Call

Today, it was the day of Mother Teresa, I feel because I happened to hear about her in two different places and the topic was the same. How she set out to help the poor with just Rs. 5/-. I really was awe struck of a lady, who single handedly threw out her safety and followed her call.

You know, nuns have a call. Its the dialogue of all Christians, who are called for the church. Now, when this call comes. No one can control it. It so powerful that we just throw away whatever we have. In the New Testament too, there is a part where the disciples are being called by Jesus and they just drop their nets and boats and follow Jesus.

This is what happens when the normal people who have the only source of hearing the call in churches, temples or mosques leave all the work and commitments, just to be with the Lord.

In India, the parents, grandparents, they take their children, when they are small, along with them for worship. At that time, the children, gets the opportunity to have a walk, either morning or evening, then meet family or friends along the way.And sweets or snacks too would be an added bonus, if they are with grandparents.

This is the initiative, the Indian child gets, and from then on, he gets to hear his inner calls.

When you hear that call, then the path to spirituality has started. If that happens, then no turning back. Though its not an easy path, you would not have any fear of the future. Life comes Life goes, what matters is the unity between the creator and the creation. Its simply beautiful and peaceful.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


Monday, October 28, 2013

The Sickness

Do you know, that I had a problem. I couldn't remember anything. You know, we are all aware of lots of diseases, which causes this forgetfulness and my fear was for the worst, Alzheimers.

And this fear was the small spark just to light the chain of fire crackers. I woke up in the middle of the night and started to rewind, what I had done the previous day, the name of the people, the dates, etc.....etc....

It was difficult, but I managed to scrape through some information, but still some were missing. Then I thought of an idea, why not write each and everything in a diary and the phone too. So that I don't forget what I had to remember. And I looked frequently into all the notes. It was a two month practice and I decided I am not going to allow my fears to overcome me and then I prayed, in the sense that I prayed literally.

This I wanted to say because, sickness can catch up with anybody because, we have a physical body and there is always a cure for it. The only thing is that don't lose courage and have faith in yourself and prayer too. All together can make miracles happen.

And I am the guarantee.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care.



Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sex Crazy World

Today, I received the shock of my life, when one of my cousins openly acknowledged that he has lots of friends and they are friendly in every away, including sexual relationship.
I really got stuck. He has reasons too. God has given a life to enjoy. We all die and at that time, all what we have will be gone. Even the beautiful would be deteriorated. Then why waste our beauty and opportunity.
Hearing all these I just sat there open mouthed. I really didn’t expect him to be like that. I was very sad. What do you think? Are you of the same type? I do not want to criticise or advice you.
Remember sexual relationship is not the root of happiness. It would bring the lightning sensation and that is finished for the time being and again after sometime, man would feel, it wasn’t sufficient and again the process starts. It brings a short term satisfaction, which is so short, that man would like to reliven the experience and for that he tries with other mates. But, there is one thing, which he doesn’t know, he is a man and not a butterfly or a honey bee. He is deteriorating his spiritual power losing his identity, with this act.
There is one law in the Universe, your body is for only one person, your spouse. And selecting that person, should be done with great care.
But while selecting, make sure, that you do not use your body because, when you control your cravings, you would gain power spiritually, which helps to connect to your spouse more easily. Uniting spiritually is the 10/10 compatible mate. The pair would be compatible in all level. No one can surpass that compatibility.
Sexual Relationship is not for fun, but for procreation. If you can control your sexual cravings, then better skip marriage. But if you cannot, then marry, but try to get a spiritually compatible spouse, or else, you would be procreating sexually crazy children. That is why we have so many rapes, they are so crazy, that they forget the line which they shouldn’t cross, as that of a parent, or child or sibling or friend.
See You Tomorrow.
Until then, take care, Bye

Now, if you get married

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Live Your Life

I am continuing with yesterday's blog, "The Joke Of Life".

Now, what I have told about nothingness is true. Read the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible.

There was nothing, no Universe or whatever we see now was there. It was total darkness. Then one by one, everything was created. How?

By the word of God.

For Hindus, they say Om (The Word).

Which means, that the thoughts I went through was true. Every human being gets an opportunity to understand their root of existence. But we should have the antenna to receive it. I do not remember, my mom and myself having a long chat, but this situation rose because, it gave clarity to my existence. I had given meaning to the word of creation in another light, different angle. It might be right or wrong. But this one just clicked into place, which means, it is true. We might give reasons and explanation, but if we are not able to answer our own doubt, then what is the use of answering or explaining, the same thing to others?

There is only one way to explain and answer these Life's Joke, Live Your Life and everything would fall into place, with mothers, fathers, friends, children, etc to lend their hands in the process.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, Bye


Friday, October 25, 2013

The Joke Of Life

Today, I do not know, but I had a weird sense of laughing out loud in the church.

You might think, I have gone crazy. Yes, in a way.

Yesterday, my mom and myself had a heart to heart talk, which brought something weird from it. She always quotes the Bible for each and every act. Though I'm not an expert, I too can stand up to her, for a shot or two. She was criticising me on something I did fifteen years before. So I replied, Mom, "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.(Luke 6:37)

Immediately, my mother replied, “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector (Matthew 18:15-17)

Both are necessary, but confusing. My mother is of the second type. She feels, when someone makes mistakes, they should be made aware of it and I am of the first type. I feel that when someone does something, either they know they are doing something wrong or they were doing it with something good in mind.

Either way, we do not have to hassle our brains for it. It happens.

So while I was in Church, I was thinking about our dialogue, which was two opposite truths. Then my mind started wandering,this Universe is joined with the opposites like dark and light; good and evil; man and woman; North and South; East and West; Up and Down, etc....which is divided by an unseen thin border, and which is necessary. But what is it? Is it real? which doesn't make sense. But in real deep inside, we all know, they doesn't make any difference because, if we have to prove them, we will have only one way to do it, by words. And words are nothing - a void and we are juggling ourselves in a void. Judging, criticizing about nothingness. God!!!! what a joke. Now, imagine our existence, born from nothing and return back to nothing. How does that happen? Its simply simple. We have created a physical body around the spiritual nothingness and nothingness is the only thing that survives and we are fighting for nothingness, with nothingness and by nothingness. Then how would I control my mirth? Can you blame me?

See You tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Any Bank Balance?

Today, I read a story about a man, who met with an accident. Before meeting with this accident, his situation was, he was angry because he had lost his promotion. He was fed up of his life. He was not able to keep up the expectation of his children or wife. But the moment, he met with an accident, he wished to live. Unfortunately, he got consciousness after 15 long years and sees, how his wife looked after him so devotedly, throughout these fifteen years and brought up his children single-handedly, married them off, etc..etc...

The man try to recollect, how this all started and remembered the lost promotion and not able to be a good parent. He felt ashamed because his wife took care of everything without his promotion and with just his dead person. And they were happy to see him, conscious. They treated him so lovingly after this fifteen year toil. But there was a glitch in his consciousness, he would return back to the coma. So it was just a wish fulfilled, he had asked for. And it made known, how it would be, even if he is not there. How his wife and children would fair, etc... Thinking about it he felt ashamed of the anger, he had for losing his promotion.

This, I am saying it because, our plans are very narrow. We can think of the future in only one direction or two direction and for how many years forward? Whatever. But have you ever thought, that whatever we decide, whether big or small; personal or friendly; we are confident to decide, but the chances of backfiring is 100 percent. And how much would we be able to rectify this situation. Would we be able to replace life? a lost limb, an opportunity, a lost love, etc...? There are lots of things. We can replace things, but not other than that. So beware, when you decide, know that, we have no role in its fulfillment. There is something above us, which controls our lives. And I would say, that is what we call the intervention of God. Without His intervention, we would not survive. So why bother with making decisions and getting it backfired. Just leave it to the God and why not we sit leisurely with a big bag of chocolate chips and a coco-cola and enjoy life? Come on guys, give it a try. If we have a roof to live under, food to eat and a bed to sleep on. Then you are very lucky, guys. Look at the birds in the sky. Any bank balance? So live your life peacefully, happily and lovingly forever and ever Amen.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Broken Expectation

How would you feel, when you have to carry a box full of goodies on your head. Its not easy. But if someone takes off some goodies from the very box which is still on your head, what will happen?

Either it would shake and tend to fall, or it would literally fall on the floor breaking the box and the goodies.

You might think, why I am saying all these.

The box is your expectations, or our expectations. Its connected with people, which means, our expectation begins with people and ends with people. But there is a choice, you are creating that box. If you do not have that box of expectation, then we do not really need to rely on people. Then the chances of breaking that box is nil. Nobody has the power to break it, if we do not have any expectation in the first place.

People, including us cannot fulfill the expectation of others. We would not be able to come up with their standards, then how can we expect others to fulfill our expectations. So don't ever make the mistake of creating a box of expectation because, I guarantee, it would break. Expectations are to be broken. If you do not want to break, then don't expect anything at all. Take your life as it comes. It would hold more surprises than creating lots of frills and stripes on a nothing. Its simply weird, isn't it? we are making something out of nothing. God, what a waste of time and energy.

The ultimate decision is yours, whether you want to create expectations or not.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blast The Criticism

I do not know why, but I can't stand people criticizing others, whether, they are family or friends. Today, I literally shouted at y son, saying, "Just shut up and do not say a word against anybody. I really hate it. Do your duty and that's that. Never, ever make the mistake to talk to me like that.

You know, we all have flaws and we are living in a society and not the life of a hermit. If it was a secluded life, we just have to tolerate only ourselves. But that is not what we are doing, we are facing the whole world. If you are planning not to live your life and find the mistake of others, then someone would throttle or stab you to death. Its your choice, whether you find fault for each and everything you have to face.

We are here to make our self perfect, not others. Its time, we know, that finding fault with others does not make you perfect. It would highlight your flaws more, than we had bargained for. If you are planning to get the best bargain, then better criticize your self than others. I guarantee, you would never open the mouth to find fault with others.

I really have to make amends with my son, because its not fair to a 12 year old hear such a dialogue. But there are some moments, when we are destined to get rough, which we do not have to repeat again. But I hope, he gets it into himself in the right sense. Can I pass a secret, after criticizing someone, you are going lower than a gutter pig. Can you imagine you in that position. Yuck!!!! I do not want my son, to be such a person and I would rather, he be dead, than live a wasted life of a pig, especially the Indian Pig of Tamilnadu or Andhra Pradesh, which literally lives in the gutter, consuming waste, Ughhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are some traits which is best to be without and one of it is criticizing. So better decide to stop before it starts.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


Monday, October 21, 2013

Stop Your Wish

I do not know, whether you would believe it, but today one of my long forgotten wish was fulfilled. I wanted to visit an island, which was not very far away, but it was inaccessible to the local people.

I could have created a circumstance and entered into this island. But, I had not taken the initiative and I had totally forgotten about it or I had lost interest in it.

Today, I was forced to take a trip, if I had a choice, would have surely avoided. So I half heartedly started the trip in a lightweight boat, which was like a matchbox. It was a bit scaring as well as sea sickening experience. Since we didn't expect such a boat, we had to change boats in between and we embarked on a much more better boat in this island, which I thought, WoW.

I just wanted to say is, if you wish for something, it will come to fruition, no matter, how much delayed it be. And you would have to fulfill all your wishes which you have wished, to take off from this world, or else, you would wait here. I would suggest, the lesser the wishes, the better because, as I was forced to take a trip, which I could have avoided, if I had not wished to see that stupid island. Anyway, I hope, I have cleared that wish.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Trouble

I know, its not fair to say, but today I had the most incredible speech, which I rendered to my mother.

It was the continuation of a dialogue, which I had told, to my friends, which my mother misinterpreted. I had a very pampered life, no work, only study, play, eat, sleep, pray. My hands and feet were always clean. I got to wear neat and wrinkle free dresses, rich toys, etc...etc... Because I was in the boarding. So whenever I have something to say, it would naturally be connected to my boarding life, which my mother feels, that I am criticizing her. So today, the same happened and I do not know, how I was able to get those words, correctly, but I did it, which made her happy. You might be impatient to know, what I said, right?

"Meena, I really felt hurt, when you said that about me."
"Mom, I would never criticize you for putting me in the boarding. You did me a great service. You made me a spiritual person and thank you so much. That life purified me a lot. Even if you decide to put me in a boarding, its not necessary to happen. It happens, only if it is the plan of the Supreme Creator, God. So why are you worried, that we are criticizing. Whatever happened to us in the past is not your doing. If I have to be in the right track, I should go through that route alone and no other. You just were a means. You are not the person who put us in the boarding. If you plan to become a young girl this very moment, can you make it happen? No. You can't because, there is a big planner, who gets thing done for us, according to our past. So from today, just forget what you have done to us. There is no one to blame you and especially not me."

You would not believe it. She accepted it, without a murmur. So you might have taken a wrong decision. And you might be kicking yourself for it. Don't. What you decided is the right one. We will have to go through that to make our life. So next time. When you are in trouble. Don't think, "If I had." because you would not take that if part. Ask me why? Because the if part would have the same result - trouble. Your past makes you go through trouble and you go.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Oh!!!!! Jooji Boooji"

Today, there was a christening, you know, the christians give their initiation to christianity through christening.

The child is unaware of any such process, just the discomfort of having to be petted "Oh!!! Jooji Booji", Oh!!!! Nnnnnnuuu Nnnnnuuu", etc..etc.. by the whole lot of friends and relatives. But for the parents, it doesn't matter, because its a tradition passed on from generation. And the people who started, our forefathers, they knew one thing. If they hadn't take the initiative, then we would not be, what we are.

People think and criticize, regarding initiating babies into a religion. They should be given the freedom to choose, what religion to take and all the reasons of not to initiate.

I do not know, what would be your mentality. But I am on my ancestors side. Initiate immediately after birth. Can I ask a question?

Why do our parents save money? Why do they build houses? Why do they give education, from when we are toddlers? Why do we take insurance? etc.....

It is for our safety, for our well being, that would be your answer, right? And that is O.K. for you all guys, isn't it? Then how come, this initiation into spirituality needs your consent?

If our ancestors know, what is good for us in physical, intellectual, financial matters, then how come, they got short sighted with respect to spiritual matters. Then it is good for us. Why make so much fuss and put 1001 reasons for denying that good?

Now, if we are given the freedom to choose, how long will it take for us to decide? or do you think, we would decide at all?

Our ancestors, have taken ages to get their life easy. For them religion was a recipe which has been passed to us for a happily ever after life. We should know, it is a stepping stone for the happily ever after life. They are giving us the base and its our duty to grow on it and not shun it. Whatever they did, they did right. Just accept it and live happily ever after. Just go through the initiation, your parents are wishing to take you. All will open up automatically.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


Friday, October 18, 2013

The Reason For Rebirth?

Today, I had a big talk, where we got to say about rebirth. I know, you might think it crazy and I have already spoken about it before. But I met a person, who told, she doesn't want to be born again. I was surprised because, in this day and age, no sane person would believe about rebirth and all. What do you think? Am I right?

If I had not been insane, I would have been in that boat of non believers. But when you live with your heart, where you feel, when someone gets hurt or rejoice or cry, then you live with your heart and these people are not of the world. We can call them "Crazy".

But believe me, they are the winners of life because, they have nothing to lose. They have everything to gain. A mother, who is a housewife, has nothing to give to her family, except her love, which would naturally be in the form of good food, clean dress, neat home and above all a shoulder to cry on. No financial perks. But all the family members comes to her and she is one hell of a person, no home can be without. That doesn't mean, that all mothers are like that. I was just pointing that, if you give love, that will return to you double and triple measure, from different sources. Now I was not planning to say about all this. I wanted to say, what causes rebirth.

Have you thought about it?

Well, let me first reiterate, there is rebirth. Don't ask proofs. Just believe it and the answers would come to you.

Anyway, for Hindus, Lord Vishnu was born in this world nine times, the tenth, they are awaiting.

In the bible too, Jesus was risen from the dead and he was with His disciples. Lazarus was risen from the dead, etc....etc...

We got all these information from the sacred books. These books are our route map of our life, whatever happens in our life, it has been explained in detail, how it happens, how should we face it? etc..etc...

In the Bible, the end part in the life of Jesus, was Hos turning point - a crisis moment, when Judas betrayed and Peter denied three times and the culmination in crucifixion. We all have all these situations in our lives, not literal crucifixion, but a sort of, with different life experiences.

At that time, don't get chicken hearted, be courageous to go through the situation or else, you will have to face the same situation again and again and it would pass on to the next life, which we are forced to be born again. Do you like that to happen again in your second life?

I hope not.

Keep your promises or else, you would have to be born again, to fulfill this single promise?

No way.

And if you have done something wrong, you would have to rectify it immediately or else, again you will have to be born again to clear your mistake.

These are all very complicated, I know. But that is for intelligent people. For the children and the people, who lives with the heart has nothing to think about, they do it correctly or else, the heart would kick their butt out.

Get to live guys.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just Go To Hell

Yesterday, while I was in the boat, I had a talk about being spiritual. When we say that word, the first thing that comes to mind is prayer or going to a place of worship regularly.

Frankly speaking, are you sure, that these people are the people who are spiritual?

I would say a big "No".

I have my reasons. The people who are regular pray people, who go to church and temple are a nightmare to deal with. They are inhuman, they are inconsiderate. They feel they are always right because, they have the added bonus of going to church daily and praying from dawn to dusk.

But a normal person, who doesn't have nothing to hold on or no set of rules, have only . They bring out what is in them, their innate behaviour - humanity. You know, its the synonym of love. It comes from the very heart and the heart doesn't need any rules.

The best of everything comes from the heart and the people who feel that they are right are always a calculating machines, which we could guarantee, just go to hell. Even God's too were fed up of these people.

So I would say, its fine praying and going to temples or churches or mosques or gurudwaras or wherever, but to get the fulfillment of your existence, the ultimate peace and happiness, then live with your heart, feel from within and it would direct you through the right route.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Am Entitled To....

Today, I had the opportunity to be a part of the crew, to visit the sunset and the heritage of Fort Cochin.

I do not know, whether you would believe it, this is the second tine, I have been given this opportunity. The first, I skipped. I didn't feel like going. I gave 1001 reasons not to be there. But before long, the second landed on my lap, which I had no way of to say No.

There is one thing, which we cannot miss here. What is for us, comes to us, no matter, how much we say "No".

When I was a kid, I have heard one of my friends grandpa saying that each grain of rice has a name written and that rice would be had only by that person and no one else would get it. At that time, I felt, that he might be joking. Just imagine a grain of rice with our name on it. But with this experience and several more, I knew, he really stated a fact. Even if we run behind any person or thing, if it is entitled to us, then, no matter, how much they try to stop coming, it would come to us or else, it would never come, even if you shake the mountains and the rivers.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care.Bye


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Today, a most weird conversation took place at my home. A french lady was speaking about a dream she had. She dreamt, that she was in Paris and was surprised that she was in her hotel in India.

So, I asked her, how she felt. "Did you feel sad or happy?"

She replied, she didn't feel anything. But when she returns back to Paris, she would really have difficulty to change from Indian to Parisian.

When I thought about it, I too had this problem, to adjust to the atmosphere, where we have been replanted.

Everything in nature too have this problem, the plants, the stones, the animals. This situation is so precarious, that we would have a tendency to flee to our safe cocoon.

But that is what we shouldn't do - flee. We are being replanted for a reason - to grow.

When the child takes his first standing from the sitting position, it is a growing up and that continues with the first step, the first run. These stages are nail biting situation for the child. he might fall. But if he gets chicken hearted and sit in the sitting position. He would never develop.

This would be the situation, if we do not get out of the safe cocoon of family, home, friends, job, etc.... then we would never grow. We would be full of ourself. Only when we go far into the ocean, would we be able to catch sharks and when we go deeper into the ocean, can we get the pearl oysters. What do you think? Am I right?

So, for starters, try to cultivate a hobby, which could replant you from this rut and give you a glimpse of the nothingness of Self. Then we would easily connect with our surroundings, people, their culture, their essence. An air mingles with every situation, no matter, where it is, because, it feels, "I am a non entity. So it doesn't make a difference, whether I am here or not." But in fact, it makes a lot of difference isn't it? It is a life giver. We too are the same. Our presence do has the power to make a difference, unless, we are ready to replant.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Why Am I Restless?

Have you ever been restless?

I have been, several times, when I was a kid.

Today I met a lady, who was restless. Her being, was deathlike, when I started speaking to her. She had lost hope, expectation. I could feel it, that I asked, "Are you OK?"

She said, she was not feeling well. She was having fever and she was taking antibiotic, etc..etc... but we all know, how we feel when we are sick and otherwise. So I put the next question.

"Are you happy?" Then the reply arrived, "I am restless. I really want to go from here. I have stayed too long here and there is no one to look forward to here. So I want to go."

Here she has a reason for feeling restless, there is no one to say as her own, a person or persons to love her. Its innate. We all have it at one point or the other. But believe me, if you are searching for that one loving person or persons, then baby, you are doomed. You would never find it. You came alone to this world and you return alone because the body we have would decay and become good manure for the soil. Then what is the use of a loved one? Do we really need a loved one?

Yes, we surely need a loved one, the reason, to direct us to reach our final goal, eternal love.

With eternal love, we do not feel like running anywhere or everywhere, we are happy with our presence. No matter, how many years, you are caged in a cell or in the forest, you would never feel alone or left out or less loved because, the eternal love, which we are seeking, is within us.

So if you are feeling lost or let out or unhappy, then you are in the throes of searching for the missing something. Only advice, don't direct your eyes to people. The people, who are allocated for us, would come to us and fulfill their duty and that goes for us too. So live your life and live happily ever after.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Sunday

Today, it was not an easy day because, it was a holiday for me. You know, we tend to put loads of priorities on this day. And when all the activities take priority, we are doomed. But, have you ever thought, why we get a Sunday holiday or Friday holiday? To recharge our faculties. Its very very important. When God created this Universe, He took rest at the end of the week. So this holiday is our necessity and not a luxury.

But how are we going to recharge ourselves?
Eating, drinking, washing and watching movies. Right. ?
But that is not what we should do.
We are spiritual beings, we are not here to make ourselves smart and beautiful. We are here to become like God, to the level of God and how do we reach to that level?
Through only one way can we reach that state and that is through love filled prayer.
And for that, we should focus on the communication between us and God. Only then, we would get recharged. So from today, Sundays are here for a purpose fulfill that and the rest would be taken care of. Does it ring any bells?
Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care, Bye.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

You Needn't Pray

Today, during our family prayer, we have this Bible reading session too. So today, it was my turn to read. I got the part where St. Peter heals a lame man outside the temple. And this man had never gone until then inside that temple. It's really weird, isn't it? Because, we all go to the temple or any place of worship to fulfill our needs and the real gift is distributed outside it. When Jesus was alive, He too did the same. Why is it like that? Have you wondered?

Well, I became aware of it today.

There is a reason. People, who believe that they have not done any wrong in their eyes and in the eyes of the Lord are the people, who go to pray inside a place of worship and they are sure, they are entitled for a sack full of gifts. But for the people outside the place of worship knows for sure, that they are not eligible to be in the vicinity of the Divine and that is why, they stay out. But there lies the truth, no man is perfect. We all make several mistakes a day with our thoughts, deeds and words.

So don't be boastful in front of God. He can see every thought, word and deed. And I am sure, we all want to avoid such situation.

So next time, when you walk on the road, be aware, you have a chance to do good and reap its gift, then and there itself or if your heart is like a child, innocent and guileless, then you don't even have to pray. Great isn't it?

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care, Bye.


Friday, October 11, 2013

A Great Fight

I do not know, whether I should say this. But still I would like your comments on this.

When we have a big fight, what is the protocol after it? Do you go and say sorry or weep your heart out or be angry with the opposite party?

Well I didn't do any of the above. I do not know, how a fight ensues, but it happened and I too became a party - the center piece.

Since age and experience was a plus points to my side, I tried not to bring anger after the biiiiiiiiiiig fight.

There is one thing you should know, a clap could be heard only if we join two hands. A single hand cannot make a noise. So I put my mind in a blank state against the words and slanderings and decided to evaluate the reason for starting a fight.

As I evaluated, I felt, I could have let a small issue pass by without getting hyped. But there are some things, which cannot be overlooked because it has been overlooked just for the cause of avoiding fights. But if we continue in that state, the other person would not be aware of it and the relationship could get worse in the long run. So, this was my situation and I waited, without bothering to explain or reasoning my action. I just shut my mouth and whiled my day and the miracle happened, the other party too got an opportunity to evaluate the fight and she understood that it was high time for a change.

In short, when a very big change is necessary , then it would happen only after a fight, that's for sure.

So don't get too disheartened. That is life.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anger is one thing, which is very difficult to control. But how does it come in the first place?
Today I was so angry with my son, that I could have murdered him easily. Luckily, it didn’t happen. It was not easy. Usually, I do not get angry quickly. So when I had time to think, I asked, what made me so angry.
The answer was simple, my son disobeyed me or I can put it as, he was not obeying me. Then I understood, the situation of God when He threw Adam and Eve out of Eden. How much hurt he might have felt because of this disobedience.
We all are great people, as human beings, but we people feel, that we would never do wrong. That is where we do the mistake. It doesn’t end there. There is the blaming part too. When we find that we have made a mistake, we tend to blame others for our actions. Then be sure you’re doomed.
We are people with limitation for sure, but disobedience can worsen our situation. Obedience can really smoothen our path. No parents want their children to fail in life or to be a loser. But we children feel that these restrictions and rules are shackling our onward journey and the first thing we do is break it and thus starts the downward journey.
So guys, do decide, what you want in life, if you need happiness, just follow the restrictions and rules, your parents, teachers, higher ups put towards you, then life would be far more easier to live or else shackles would fall around your hands before long.

See you tomorrow.
Until then, take care, bye.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When Will I Reach My Grave?

Yesterday, we were discussing that we do not have much to boast of. But have you ever thought, that human beings are the most perfect creatures in the whole of the Universe?

I know you might have, but there is a very serious part. We have no role in making ourselves perfect.

O. K. Who places a child in the womb of a mother?

I don't know.

Who decides whether it should be a boy or a girl?

I don't know.

Good, who decides, whether it should be a twin or a triplet?

I don't know.

And this child comes out to the world and grows grows to become a man or a woman and how does all the body parts come into existence both inside and outside their body?
I don't know.

Well, you can explain scientifically for sure, but the life part is still a mystery, as well as the death part too.

Our body works so systematically and properly,that do you have any say in it?

I hope not.

Then what is there which we have created? Which we can say our own?

Nothing, except some cravings, hatreds, anger, love and a big ego. Is there anything else?

What does that mean?

Simple, we are born with a picture perfect person. We do not need to add anything, except take care of it. But do you do that?


Take care of your person.

No, your money or education cannot make you healthy. Your attitude is the only way to make yourself the perfect being till the very end or else, you would end up in one thought, when will I reach my grave?

So, next time, think twice, whether what you use is good for your health. Cherish what you have. No one can take care of you, except you.

See you tomorrow.
Until then, take care, Bye.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Are You Successsssfulllll?

Yesterday I told about the downfall of an over confident person. But today, I would like to say, that no matter, how much you have grown or developed physically, spiritually or scholastically, or successful, then you are wrong. Why don't you walk on the sea shore. What do you feel? Who are you? Do you feel like you are a great person?

I don't think so. So if we do not have anything to boast of in front of the vast ocean or the sea, then the next option is humility.

What does that mean?

Simple, the belief, that you do not have anything to boast about. Humility is one trademark, we should cultivate in life.

We can gain humility only if we know, how small we are with respect to the Universe we live in, not with the immediate surrounding or the people. I know its difficult to visualize our Universe, but when we stand on the seashore, or travel in air or water, we could feel the delicateness of our small existence, the simpleness of our knowledge. Its nothing, a zero, then what is there to hold on to?


But there is one thing, which we have to know, when we are humble, naturally we gain a lot more than what we believe we have. It grows and grows unproportionally and unknown to us, to the extent, that the world would salute us for our knowledge or wisdom, which we think is nothing. So it is your attitude towards life, you will have to take into consideration, whether you are a big person or a small one. Or else, you would be in the same rut lifelong, the frog in the well or you would be broken like the giant ship, Titanic into two.

The choice is yours.

See you tomorrow, Until then, take care. Bye


Monday, October 7, 2013

I Have Confidence & Confidence .....

Yesterday when I spoke of the Titanic - The Wrecked Ship. I felt sad.

You know, such a master piece sunk so easily, without anything to hold on to. Don't misunderstand, I have seen the Titanic in a movie and not the real one. But we all know, that it was one of the great disasters in the history of mankind and it all happened because, the maker boasted of its strength, that "The Ship would never sink"

And it sank in its maiden journey, simply like that. How can that be possible?

Its simple, over confidence.

If we are too confident of ourselves, we tend to overlook our flaws. That, is our downfall.

There is one more perspective, overconfidence happens, when we have less exposure to the world.

A frog in the well can have over confidence, but a frog in the ocean would never think of it. He is struggling keep his feet steady in the big waves of ocean.

I wanted to make you aware that, if you are confident, then your downfall is imminent or else, you would be observant, vigilant and do the necessary, at the nick of time and be a winner.

That is the challenge, we have to face everyday, living life. Don't live it with over confidence. Live it with courage.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care, Bye.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Save Your Self

I had written a very book for children, which for me was incomprehensible, which means, I couldn't understand anything or get connected to the story line. Do you know what that means?

That I have still not yet become a writer. The two things that I forgot to add in my book was simplicity and innocence. So when I read that book I knew I had to dismantle it and start afresh. That is how the new book came into existence, "Why Should You Love Your Parents". This book is not a rewrite of the first book. Its only a small chapter of it - The Tip of the Iceberg

In our life, we have loads and loads of things to learn and our lives are too small to learn everything. But have you ever thought, if we do not even try to teach ourselves even one thing in the basics of life, where will we end up?

Simple, we would always be in the kindergarten of life making the same mistakes and going through the same experiences of life again and again. What a bore. We call it a moronic existence, which means mentally retarded existence.

So guys, we are not here to live always in this changing world, where happiness, sadness, life, people are all transitory (changing, today it is there, tomorrow, it isn't). If you love this existence, good and fine. But don't think, it would always be like this, it would get worser and worser as time passes by. Its like, we are in the wrecked Titanic, ready to sink any time. So try to get a lifeboat and save yourself and your loved ones for at least this once, who knows, it might be your destiny - To Be a Savior (of yourself?)

See You tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Flowers Bloom

The Flowers Bloom
Flowers bloom early in the morning. But some bloom in the evening too. There are several flowers that bloom after several years.The beauty of the plant is in the bloom of the flower. They not only give color but also perfume to the nature around. Though the plant has life, the flowers don't have long life. Still it passes on a good memory to us all that life we have is to be shared and not to be kept in boxes. So you have a choice, either you open your heart and share your love or make yourself a bore. What do you think? Should we learn from nature or we just sit there idly without blooming at all like a flower? Anyway, the choice is yours. Hey Guys! its just a small thought to make our lives happily ever after. Just like the flowers, you have the choice to bloom at any time. So take it easy.

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care. Bye.


Friday, October 4, 2013


I have always thought, how would we fare in life without a because. But do you know this word is a small spark which can ignite a big explosion?

Its simple, when we make a mistake, we have a reason, that's for sure. So we start to get into the very depth of the cause of our mistake and it would surely be not us then naturally the first word that comes out of our mouth is 'because'. The first 'because' makes the other person feel a negativity over us and the next 'because' would make him grind his teeth and the third one a tight fist and the fourth one a smash which would have a negative impact in our life.

So what do you think?

Is because, good for any cause?
A lawyer can use it without chaste
A student with lightning haste
But the lesser mortals like us,
Are better off without the lot.

See you tomorrow,
Until then take care, Bye.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Be Resilient

Today, I was not keeping well, with high temperature, I thought I would skip today's blog. But then I knew,I should continue what I have started till this year end.

So the next best quality a man should gain is perseverance. To be able to last till the very end, whether it is word or action.

For those people, the inner power would guide them to success more than the weak willed because without that power, we all are zero. Want to bet?

So Just think, what type of person you are and do the necessary changes until you become resilient.

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care, Bye.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Any other Gods?

The next best thing I learned from my friend is, never expect anything from human beings. Its not their fault, they are imperfect in the physical sense, which naturally transmits through their thoughts, words and actions. But the eventual heart break is very drastic. If you want to avoid the last part - the heartbreak part. Then you should abstain from attachment.

When we are attached to something or someone, we expect a lot from them or from it. And that creates heart break and we are not here to waste time breaking our hearts. Breaking, joining and healing is along process. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. The owner of the monument Taj Mahal in Agra was so obsessed with his wife, that he was a living dead after her death. And he was like that until his death.

I know you would say,it is sad. But I was thinking about his obsession that he forgot to live.

There are some people who would get mental imbalance or sometimes commit suicide because of his obsession.

This is a very very grave mistake from our part. That is why God gave to Moses the first commandment for us to follow. It stays thus, I am the Lord your God, you shall not have any other God's other than me.

Did it strike anything?

We are giving more importance to people, places or things than life itself and we forget our very existence, what we need for our basic survival, the love of God, which really gives us the necessary nourishment for our daily sustenance.

So I conclude with a wisdom, don't fall in love with this world and create a demi God because you are not of this world. You are the Son of God the father.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Never Lose Hope

There are many things I learned from my friend. One thing is, we have no control of our life.

Yes, we can make choices, but the outcome is not in our hands.

In the case of my friend, she had no money, no certificates, no family and still found a great job, a very good and safe place to live. She was accepted into that life within no time.

In a human calculation, this situation is usually concluded as a losing game. Its a lost cause situation. But look at the outcome.

This I said it because, don't ever think of losing hope. It is that hope and that faith in some power, which I call God can really give you a successful outcome. Believe me, that is the only planning that is the only necessity, we need in life, faith and hope.

I will conclude this with the Bible verse: Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow, or reap or store away in barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care, Bye.