Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Yes, I do"

Yesterday, in Kerala, there was a small news regarding the marriageable age of girls to be made legal when she comes of age. During my school time, there were girls who gained maturity at the age of 8, an age where children have not even got separated from Barbie dolls. An age where she doesn't know all her body parts. Then how come she would fare, when she gets married?

Is it so important for the law makers to marry off a child? Are women just for sexual satisfaction and procreation? Don't you think, she too has an identity of her own?

I would say, woman is more powerful than any beings on Earth. The first proof is in the Bible. Mary was going to become the mother of Jesus. Before that, something unusual happened. She was asked permission, whether she was willing to become the mother of God, not by her husband Joseph, but by God Himself. If God, seeks permission for such a small matter. Then know that, it is not any simple matter. It is important because, it is not of a girl. We are dealing with the foundation of the society- A Family, where mother is the lamp which gives light from dawn to dusk, creating a strong society.

And if the mother is a child, how will she be able to make a strong society. Follow God's step law makers and get the permission of the woman. Let you be clear, no man has the power to change her destiny, without her permission.

So girls, whatever religion you are, think twice before you say "Yes, I do".

See you tomorrow. Until then. take care. Bye


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