Friday, September 6, 2013

Who is Entitled for the Mangoes?

Years back, when I was in college, a christian college. We usually had one day talks, where psychologists or counsellors or the like used to take classes. So one nun cited an example of a girl who got pregnant with her father's child. I just got stuck at that time. But the next part was what gave me the creeps.

The girl was removed from her parents home and was put in an institution. So one day, her father came there drunk and asked to see her daughter and his child. So this nun came out and asked him, 'You have already tainted your daughter. Now why do you harass her again?"

"Sister, if you plant a mango tree who is eligible for its fruits?"

There are lots of differences between a human being and an animal.
One main difference is human being doesn't have a sexual relationship with its own siblings.

Now, I do not know, where the system went wrong, Now parent, especially fathers, started to use their own daughters to appease their sexual cravings.

I know they have several reasons. When our first parent, Adam made a mistake he blamed Eve. Likewise we all have reasons.

But I would say there is only one reason, the parent has become an animal, where he has lost his sense of right and wrong, morality and immorality. He should not be kept in homes, but chained and put in kennels. Shame upon you parents to use your own kids to serve your purposes. Such perverted thoughts and actions should be shot from this face of the Earth.

Imagine, you in the place of the child, when small, if your parent does it to you. How would you feel? Who would you ask help? Is it possible to open to anyone? What would you say?

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