Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Simple Rule To Make Yourself Perfect

I had the shock of my life, when one of my colleague backstabbed another colleague, whom she cannot tolerate. She heaped so much complaints,flaws against him, that any normal person would think twice before we would allow the alleged to work there. But the officer was much more fair minded and wanted to ensure, whether the allegation was all correct. And the first target were we. He asked us, whether the allegations were right. Well, we naturally refuted because, there were lots of frills attached to the allegations. So we cut all of it, which cleared all the misunderstanding. Anyway, the funny part was, the alleged didn't know, that he was being wrongly alleged. Great isn't it?

There is one thing, which we should know. We are all imperfect beings. Imperfect in the sense, that we don't do the perfect way like the Sun rising at the right place at the right time, with the right co-ordination, everyday or like the flowers blooming with the perfect colour, smell and above all beauty, bringing a sense of awe within us. Are we able to do that? I do not think so.

But unknowingly, we are striving to reach that level of perfection. Unfortunately, my colleague was trying to do it, but for the eyes of the boss alone,ultimately degrading herself both spiritually and physically.

One thing, you should note, to complain is a small act. It might be due to jealousy or hatred or whatever. Its not a big deal. But be sure, this would come back to us along with that we would be demoted to the very underground of spiritual level, where it is much more difficult to gain perfection. We would have to start all over again from the basement. What a mess?

You might wonder, why such drastic measure for such a small act. Any action or word or thought against"Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself",then be sure, you are doomed baby.

So, would you be able to restructure your life, action and thought process and follow, this simple rule of love thy neighbour? If yes, then you would be flying up the ladder of spirituality within no time and be the perfect beings by our mere presence.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


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