Monday, September 23, 2013

The Fish Monger's Dilemma

Today I saw the most surprising sight, which really awed me and made me think too.

A fishmonger was taking his fish in a cycle. The container was open and the man was cycling fast. But a crow came flying silently and took a fish and flew off and the man was not even aware of it. If he goes on cycling like that for a kilometer, he would become poorer by a kilo. Because crows are far smarter than men.

We are like the fish monger. We have loads of talents, we have loads of goodness in us. But we don't even bother to keep it intact by not acknowledging it and cherishing it and in the end, it won't stay with us. It goes off.

I have a friend, who has only one aim in life, to become rich. So he doesn't spend on himself or for his family what he earns. He feels, that if he saves that much money, he could be richer by the day. But alas, money is for daily use. If it is not utilized wisely, it goes off unused to others hands. And that is what happens to talents or goodness too. It is to be shared, utilized and that is how it grows. That is how we cherish, what we have. By giving for the right cause.

Now, don't you want to know what the situation of my friend is? He is still poor. He is still struggling to make both ends meet. So my advice is, If you have something valuable, acknowledge it, share it and live it. Then I would say you are doing a favour for yourself.

Come on guys. Live your life.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye


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