Friday, September 13, 2013

My Trusted Friend

Lucky are the people who have a trusted friend and a noble foe. What do you think?

I know, you would say, Yes.

But I too had a trusted friend from very young. But recently, I found that the very person became the key manipulator, in turning my life a living hell. Anyway, that didn't affect my outlook of friends and that too trusted friends because when I was studying in smaller classes, no one knows to keep a secret and from that age onwards, I was cautious that I do not have a secret to pass. That's impossible, right?

It was actually easy. I made sure that I do what i don't feel ashamed of, if ever I get caught. You know, in boarding school, we have loads of reasons to get caught. And the judgement is usually done in front of the whole boarding. It is humiliating as it is. But I was toughened by a regular quota of humiliation for several years. What I meant is, in the eyes of a teacher or a boarding mistress, there are several wrongs for our actions, but within us, we do it for a good cause and that was very important to me. The world can criticize us, no sweat. But make sure you do have the reason to criticize yourself. Then you would not have any secrets, then all people can be your trusted friends, even if it is your worst enemy.

So just get out of that cocoon of searching for a trusted friend because you are your own trusted friend, trust yourself and everything would end up fine.

See you tomorrow, until then, take care.



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