Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mother Love

I have always wondered, how housewives especially mothers who live under the shade of husbands become the epitome of courage, strength and valor, when they become widows and they single handedly manage children and the household so efficiently that the normal working woman would put to shame.

I got the enlightenment yesterday, when I was smashed with the truth by my son.

My loving son. He is the best of kids, until he is asked to study. When he hears that word, he becomes the Kungfu Panda. He fights nail and tooth not to study. He hates the word "Study" and I naturally has to make him understand. first I take the loving route. No response, then the next step, cajoling, no way, then the next step be his martial teacher, word for word and action for action.

Its a risk, which I have to take and if he starts, then its easy to take the ride. Then I knew, every housewife gets their experience from children, (especially sons because they are attached to their moms instead of dads, what a tragedy) who takes their first step to the last graduation for a profession to start a new life with the help of their mother, which is not an easy path.

Its not a once in a life time experience, its a daily experience, sometimes from dawn to dusk. And what will be the outcome, either the son would be a Kungfu Panda or the villain tiger. But mothers are sure to become a Joan of Arc, that I can guarantee.

Hats off mothers.

See You tomorrow,

Until then, take care. Bye


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