Saturday, September 21, 2013

Family is for a lifetime.

Hearing this, some have a smile and some get creeps. But in real, do we really need a family?

Yes we need a family, with parents, siblings, cousins, etc.

They are the people, who help us reach our perfection.

I know, its difficult to believe. But its true.

I have two sons, very cute and cuddly, but they both test my patience to the very limit, that now, I am the epitome of patience and when I am short tempered, they temper me down. That's cool isn't it?

Yes, family teach us the realities of life, the harsher way. The only thing is, be sure, that you know that they are there for you and not the other way, we for them. So I conclude that family is not a burden, but a treasure and we need them for a lifetime. Don't let them by without being with them. The loss would be ours and not theirs.

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care. Bye.


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