Sunday, September 29, 2013

Doubt Filled Life

I know its very difficult to believe in an unseen God. But there are some things which is unbelievable, and the first thing is Life. Can you answer your presence here?

Or the first man on Earth?

Its difficult, but still we live. New life is born, etc..etc...

It is the same situation with God too. If you can believe the unbelievable, then just believe in God, who can answer all your questions in a jiffy.

Do you know, I am a Number 1 doubt full person. Questions here questions there. And I hadn't any answer. But I blindly believed in God. Just like a dog blindly believing in its master. It was a lifetime belief. I finished school, college, but no answer came my way and I was always made fool by others because, religion can make us dumb, one way or another. I didn't mind because God is above religion. But that doesn't mean that religion is bad. No, its a means to help us reach our goal. Just remember, religion is made for us and its not the other way. O.K back to my life. One day the answers, which I was searching just flowed through me.

Its unbelievable, right? Well believe it. It happened just like that one fine morning, when I was in church.

If someone had told this story to me, I would say, you might be joking. I know me and we are all the prototypes of the same father and the same mother. So I know, how much you can digest all this.

But believe me, your answer is in you and only you can open it and the only way is through the belief in the living God.

And to gain that blind faith, its not that easy. It takes several lives. But for man , nothing is unachievable. He can overcome any obstacles by the power of his will. He can make himself a saint within a second. No, I'm not joking, seriously.

So guys best of luck.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care, Bye.


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