Saturday, September 14, 2013

Do You Really Believe in Devil?

Today I happened to hear about the devil.

You know, the devil, who flees when he sees a cross? Exactly that one.

But do you really believe in devils?

I hope not. But, if I say, in real life, there is a devil, then believe it.

It is none other than you and me.

We are both the devil and the angel. The devil is our mind. It flees when we see a problem (cross) coming, don't you think?

And the angel is our heart, which is affected by simple things. It can be broken easily and joined easily, but the mind tries, not to hurt the heart, that is why, it warns us, 'Run, there is a cross coming.' And we devils just flee. And there lies the problem, when we flee from a problem, we are asking for the re-enactment of the same problem, with some extras too from the previous one and if you flee again, then you know, it would come back to you much more forcefully. That is why, Jesus told, take your cross and follow me (the heart). Then the problem is finished or immaterialise then and there. It would not come back. Believe me. Don't hear your mind and be a devil. Whatever problem comes, face it, there would be nothing to fear inside, that's a guarantee.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye


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