Friday, September 20, 2013

Celebrations - A Necessity?

I have always thought, why do we need celebration. Is it very important? Do we have to go, when we are invited? etc…etc.. And the old would say, “Celebrations are Important. You should be there.”
And the people who have loads of things to boast of are happy to be the centre point of celebration. But for me, I really feel like an alien. But that ends till the corridor of the celebration, after that, I am into the celebration mood. That’s weird right?
The reason is simple. When a drop of water comes near a glass of water, it automatically gets attracted to the glass of water, joining that single drop into that big water world. Just like that, we are a drop of soul and when we come closer to the soul ocean, the celebration rush, we get united with the ocean and we get attracted to similar souls, which have our own ambitions, thoughts, attitudes, etc. and we open up to them and they openly share their experiences and then a bonding takes place. We feel very peaceful, happy and relieved.
And that is why we are here, to be united and at peace with ourselves. Celebration is one platform, where we have no other choice than to be a celebrant. Just take it as an opportunity, to know your Self. That is very very important in life. Just be there. You will know the difference.

See you tomorrow.
Until then, take care. Bye

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