Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bad Destiny

Yesterday, it was a sad moment for many families, when the bomb blasted in a church. What end did the two suicide bombers meet, we do not know. But one thing we sure know. This act has brought doom to their destiny. They sure are going to pay for their deed. They would be born again. That is for sure. But what would be their next life?

Believe it, they are accountable for their actions. Just imagine, how much of their life they will have to repay for this blood shed. But the sad part is, these two bombers would not be aware of this past action in their new life and without being aware of this. They suffer from childhood and that is when we blame God for our bad destiny.

So guys, think twice before you act because you are the creators of your own destiny and we would be born again and again until we clear all our past. Its not easy and its not a happy situation. That is why the saints, the ascetics forego their worldly pleasures. So that they clear the destiny within this life itself.

Hope I have made it clear, why we are here in this situation. Don't blame anybody. Only we are responsible for our situation. Who knows, we might have massacred a train full or a ship full of people. So don't look down on anyone other than ourselves. Just try to live a fruitful life.

See you tomorrow, Until then, take care. Bye


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