Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shed not Other's Tears

Today, the first of August. I was planning to have a great day. Starting a month with good happening is a good omen for the whole month. It would be filled with loads of good happenings. Hmmmm...its great to know, isn't it?

But if it is drenched with someone else's tears, then what should the omen be. Thus the day started , a girl was offered an accountant job, when the girl arrived, she was given a menial job. Just imagine the shock the girl might have had. Interviewed for one and appointed for another. She was literally crying her eyes out. Better ask why?
She resigned her previous well paid job to take up this job. But there was one thing too, as per her educational qualification, she would not get this job anywhere. But what struck me is her tears. The whole building went silent. Yes, its true, tears really breaks the other person, who has to watch it. Its like a death, not only to the weeper, but also to the onlookers. Do you know, why that happens?

All people are one in soul. So when we break our heart, we cry. Its the expression of our heart, which naturally passes on to others because they feel the pain. Just like a small pin prick on a finger can makes the whole body recoil.

But have you thought of the consequence of breaking someone else's heart?
Yes, its painful, but above all that, there is one more thing we are forgetting, the same act of breaking would happen to us, hundred folds stronger, than we had already committed. Would you be able to withstand it?
I don't think so. So, if ever possible, try not to bring tears to another's eyes. Its not worth anything.But if you feel happy in hurting others, if you are at peace, when you bring tears to other's eyes, then just go ahead and do as you deem right. For the others, you are most welcome to change your ways.

But there are times, when children ask for something out of their league and we say no (that's natural because, it would be naturally be out of our league too) and a saga of tears follow, that is totally another matter. Don't club this tear to the original ones eh. It won't count. Their (Children's) tears, if it is from the very heart, would have the power to make their wishes be fulfilled in the very next instant. So tears are in a way, a channel to many a hearts, even God's too. But there is a sad part too, I cry, when I watch movies too (oops, I know its dumb). So what will happen to those tears? I know...I know.... you are smiling. good at least I could pass a smile to you guys. I really hope this month is good for me.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


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