Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Worst Mistake A Parent Can Ever Make

A Parent Should Never Make this Mistake

Don't judge your children, according to what others say. It happened once to me, when I was small, not so small, exactly during my adoloscence. At that period, my boarding mistress was my sworn enemy. She didn't have any complaints against me. So when my parents arrived, she told them, I received a love letter (Love affairs are taboo in boarding schools and Indian culture), which was a fib. My mother had her vapours, then and there. Seeing my mom's anger, the boarding mistress was glowing with pride, she was able to even a score against me. But my father, didn't utter a word. He waited for the storm to abate and then he spoke slowly, in front of me.

"Sr. I am glad to hear, that my daughter received a love letter, or else, I would feel, she is not a normal girl. So where is the love letter? Can I see it?" That gave her the sweat.

She replied, "Oh!! I was not expecting you. So I burnt it." opening up the fraud, she had created.

Just imagine, if my father too had joined hands with my mother and scolded me and raved at me and punished me, what would have been my situation? At that moment, my father showed his faith in me. Now he is not living, but he left a legacy for me to follow

Then and there I knew, its good to have faith with others, but you have the choice to ask your kid, before lighting the chain cracker of our children's destiny and get them burnt.

I just said this because, your children are your prototypes and not your neighbours. Have faith in them. They might have made a mistake or not, but first clear the air before starting the bombing and create a legacy for them. A very good legacy.

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care.



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