Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Power of Prayer

You know, for me, I was bought up in a prayerful atmosphere. You know, morning wake up, prayer, go to church or temple or mosque or whatever. After, returning, prayer before breakfast, prayer before going to school and in school, another set of prayers, then in afternoon, again prayer, then evening prayer and in night, the last prayer. I know, you might be thinking, its a lot of prayer. But imagine, the mentality of a school going kid from the age of five who has been going through this, till the age of seventeen, naturally, I should be averse to prayer. But unfortunately, I got attached to it, not for the long recital of prayer, forget that part, even today, thinking of it, gives me goose bumps. But the talking part, between my drop of soul with the ocean of God soul, is so powerful, that believe it or not, you could be wonderstruck, with the speed it gets fulfilled.

I always say to everybody and anybody to just inform the God soul, with your soul, whatever you feel, just plainly and it would work more perfectly, than we could imagine.

It happened years back, when a woman met with an accident, which paralyzed her from waist down. She was bedridden. For her treatment, her children, took a loan from the bank. After her treatment, she was still the same, health wise, with no improvement and non payment of loan interest, the bank decided to attach her property. She had no place to move. At that time, there was no one who could help her. But she, from the heart just asked, please God, help me out and within a week, a person, who has never seen this lady, donated the whole money, the loan and the interest of the bank and relieved her from her debt. I know, you might be thinking, its simply not possible. Yes, she didn't have to go around with her begging bowl. She just used her one weapon, her soul and look, where it ended. So I would say, if you have faith in your prayer, then just believe, that your wish would be God's command. It would surely be fulfilled, no matter, how crazy, it might be.

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