Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Dragon Warrior

Yesterday, I happened to watch the movie Kungfu Panda. There are three things that touched me.
The first one, which really awed me was the selection of the dragon warrior. And the person selected was a Panda who had no knowledge of the basics of kungfu whose main focus was eating. But still he was selected, why? Is it really possible? The answer is always an emphatic Yes.
That is what we should know. In the real world, we all are born with lots of drawbacks, that is natural, but there is a gem within us, which has been camouflaged by our flaws. We always are focusing on our flaws, which makes us the imperfect beings. But we get to unwrap the gem through circumstances which we face on a daily basis.

Years back, if someone had told me, Meena, you would have your own blog and you would write several books. I would reply, without an iota of doubt, "In another life, not this one." Really I did not like to write because, I was not good at writing. but circumstances, made me to write. I became a teacher and mother of two kids, which necessitated me to write and write and write. Even then, I was not confident of my capability as a writer, until years later, when my only source of outlet became writing.

Then this writing became a search of the something missing. Which helped me find me, the real me, where there is no one to criticize, no one to blame, a place, where I am just the perfect Meena, with no expectations and no inhibitions, just love, and that feeling unites us to the supreme power making us the dragon warrior, a simple dragon warrior. So try to find the real you through the hidden capabilities, nature would direct you to it, just do not block it by your intelligence, your heart knows the right way than the brain. So go with the flow. Best of luck. The rest two things, that touched me? Great, I will just keep that for the following days.

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care.



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