Monday, August 26, 2013

The dead lives or dies?

I am always of the belief that the dead is gone forever, never to meet again. But certain incidents of my life proves otherwise.

My dad was my best friend and confidante. He helped me out in all my stick situation. But it was until college and after that I was totally alone. So after my marriage, I had to face a very sticky situation, which I couldn't handle on my own and there was no one to confide other than God. That night, I dreamed my father, helping me out of this situation. Waking up, I thought, my sub conscious was acting up. So I just let it pass. But the miraculous part was,the problem got solved, so smoothly, that it was not my doing.

Then years later, I was in search of a place to stay and knew no one nor the place. But that night I dreamed my father and the next day, I got a very beautiful, affordable and safe place to stay.

So what does that mean?

The dead lives or dies?

I would say live. So don't feel sad, when they go from us physically. You can also request some help too.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care.



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