Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Cindrella and the Prince

Today I watched a Cindrella movie, not the fairy tale one but another one.

As a romantic, I love that story. But I was thinking, what made it tick?

But one thing I learned from this story

Everyone has a good phase and bad phase in life, fairness and unfairness in life.

And fairness or good phase of life is a happy moment. But the bad phase and unfairness is a sad one, we all know that.

But as we watch this movie we find that bad phase don't stay for long. Even if we are against the most powerful person in life, the bad phase is short lived. Its great to know, right?

If you want an example, take a wave, sea wave or an ocean wave. How long will the crest stay on high position, which means, in the raised position?

Mere seconds or a minute and a half. Its the same for the lowest part of the wave too.

That is what nature teaches you. Don't stay too depressed when you are at your lowest level because its just for mere minutes or an hour and a half, not more. And that goes for the good phase too. So come on cheer up guys, you should not let the good pass, just because you had a bad phase. You are the Cindrella or the prince, the right moment, for sure is there for you to live happily ever after. Just don't miss the shoe fitting session.

See you tomorrow, until then, take care, bye.


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