Friday, August 2, 2013

The boat which entered into the Heart of a Ship

I have my tea everyday, sea facing.

where ships, boats, sea gulls,dolphins all move around in their own fine pace. So yesterday, while I was having my coffee, a big crude vessel was passing by, very slowly. I say huge because comparing the boats passing this vessel, was like an ant beside an elephant. While this ship was passing me, a small, smaller than the regular boat was literally chasing this ship. I was thinking, the boat driver might have gone crazy. If the ship blows a horn, the boat would fly, that much flimsy was this boat.

I am not well versed in the communication system between a flimsy boat and a ship, whether its morse code or wireless telephone or whatever, but be sure, no shouting took place. Anyway, a message passed between these two, the boat came closer to the ship and a man started climbing on to the ship, only then Icannoted the ship had lowered a ladder for the boat. I was wonderstruck, how much courageous the boat driver was, as to come so touchingly close to the moving ship and let a man on to the ship's deck, leaving behind the man and a trail of waves as it moved forward.

Seeing this I thought, in real life, only courageous people have become successful. If you look at the lives of great people, they were not frightened of failure or of losing. fear is one thing that blocks us to achieve greater heights. We could become big and famous, but we cannot achieve it, why?

Its simple, we do not know that we are born for greatness. Aaaah that's news for you, right?

Make sure that you know who you are? Your weaknesses, accept it and try to strengthen your weaknesses, that is not an easy affair. But if you have the right communication gadget, which means your soul, send the message through it, which means pray, it might be a wish or a cry which comes from within you, then a ladder would be lowered for you. It might be as people, circumstances, etc, which we easily call luck, then from there onwards it would be a memorable ride of our life, with miracles, happenings, timings, missing buses, meeting people, hurts, failings, betrayals, mishaps, deceit, etc..etc.. But still if you persist, then boy, be sure, undoubtedly your courage would be rewarded.Everything would fall into place, just like fitting a jigsaw puzzle which would ultimately help you achieve greater heights. And when you reach there, don't forget to thank the one who lowered the ladder for you, O.K?

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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