Friday, August 9, 2013

The Beauty of Belief

There is a flaw for me, I believe that all human beings are good, even if they hurt me, then too I do not place any blame them. So naturally my friends has classified me as a half crack. Anyway, that is no big deal. But if a pain in the ass person comes face to face and deals with me, then, how do you think I would deal?

It happened years back, I was seven years old. I am rarely at home at that time. So unknowingly during one of my holidays, circumstance necessitated me to go to my neighbour's house. I met a man, very smart and good looking, I spoke to him for sometime and returned. That night, I heard shouting and yelling in the middle of the night. It was from this man's house. So I asked my cousin, why so much commotion in that house and her reply just froze me to death. She whispered, even in your dreams Meena, don't you dare go near that house. The man hasn't an iota of sanity. He sometimes get so violent that he attacks, anyone and everyone, who he doesn't know. After two days, he died. Then his antics unravelled, which really gave me creeps. But then, how come I was left unharmed?
Because I believed that the man was harmless, just like me and that was what happened, what I believed, I got. So that is what I would like to pass to you too. Even if the whole world believes, some are really a pain in the ass, but if you believe that they are not then, that is what you get.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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