Monday, August 12, 2013

The Act of Gifting

Today, I was gifted with a chocolate with nuts, you know the crunchy type of chocolate. I am actually not a nutty person. But since it was a gift, I did not want to say no because, the expression on his face, was so expectant that I really didn't want to splash cold water on his face, by my boring attitude. Because there is a history behind it.

Long time back, when I was small, I had a favourite nun, who happened to be my boarding mistress. You know, these sisters get to celebrate their feast days as well as birthdays. Their feast days are always grand, lots of gifts, wishes and sweets. Since it was my favourite sister's feast, I also wanted to give her a gift. But what can a lower primary school kid, staying in a boarding school gift her teacher.If you ask me, there is nothing. But I used all my resources like, used cards, sketch pens,etc..etc.. to make a unique card and an expensive pen, which someone had gifted me. I wrapped in a used presentation wrapper and satin ribbons and made it real beautiful and gifted it, with a bit of trepidition, late in the evening. But her response was so surprising, that I always remember it even after these many years.

She didn't even look, what was inside. She hugged me and said, Oh Meena, thank you so much and gave me lots of sweets and one of the gifts, she received. The next day she came to class, with my pen, I felt very happy. Then I knew, how one feels, when ones gifts are acknowledged. It was a lesson. Accept any gift wholeheartedly, it might be a stepping stone to a bigger gift. Want to bet?

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


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