Friday, August 16, 2013

Stop Rebirth

I do not know whether you would believe, I was thinking, I would be in my own coffin today. But when I woke up, I totally forgot about my death part and went for my ritual visiting my creator,to His place. Usually, when I am there, I am very talkative to Him, saying something rubbish in your standard, but not in my standard eh? Mark it, O.K So it was at that time, that I remembered I was supposed to be a soul.

Oh you want to know, why specifically.

I was not keeping well in the morning, I was feeling dizzy and I was having a splitting headache and I thought my pressure was getting low or something. So I started eating chocolates, big , small, hard, soft, but still I was not keeping well. Then I thought,my end is coming closer, good, because we all have this call at one time or the other, but my only request was, I want it to happen, when I am at home, than in a public place, where the people get confused, of what to do with my corpse and me in the mortuary, wasting my precious time to donate my eyes to someone blind or if any body part which is of use, or else, my body parts would go rotten. But all these went haywire, when I woke up today. But that doesn't mean that I am living, ever after. So today I wished, God, please let me die at home and please forgive all my mistakes, I have done in this life and all the previous lives. So that I do not have to be born again in this beautiful Earth. I believe that my wish would be granted because I believe my creator really loves me. And I know, whatever I went through is not because God gave it to me, it was all my decisions and actions, which returned to me. It was all my choice. So go through it I did and still am. But in this life I did my best, to reduce my mistakes, this life made me aware why I am here. What my goals and ambitions should be and I channelized my priorities as such. And its all thanks to the God above, I have nothing to regret about. Just one wish,purify me from all wrongs,please God and stop my rebirth. That is what I ask all my readers to ask for.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye.


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