Saturday, August 17, 2013

Proud To Be an Indian?

India celebrated 67th Independence on August 15th.

You know, being free from, something which we are uncomfortable with.

For India it was the British. But the situation at the time, when we were fighting for freedom,
India owned the largest iron factory
Asia's longest rail road
A Strong and efficient administration and bureaucracy
British style education system.
A systematic agriculture system and
United several princely states under one country - India.

But now, how is India?

Well biggest Democratic Nation, with every politician owning a political party.
Population wise, bursting in the seams, where each religion professes to have their generation follow up.
Country is being divided and divided with each state wanting their own place, people according to the lay of the land.
Agriculture is becoming scarce, as information technology is the pie of the profession.
The railway lines are for cities alone.
Development of India takes place only if bribed.
Great isn't it?

So what do you think? Shouldn't we start our next freedom struggle?

Against whom?


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