Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pass On Your Effect

For me, I am glad I am a human being. Not because, I can do several antiques, but we hold more power than any living beings.
You might be wondering what antiques.
Simple, the best way to watch people, have a cup of coffee near a hectic road, with lots of shops, traffic, etc..etc... Then you will get to see the antiques of human beings.
While I walk to work, I used to wonder, the topics of thoughts, I cover in a span of twenty minutes. When we meet our foes, friends, so different are my thoughts. When I see food, another set of thoughts. But the funny part is, we don't openly air our thoughts for all to hear, do we. But, without our knowledge, thoughts have taken control of us, are you aware of that?
No. But now, its time to take note, its very important that you control your body and mind with your soul, which shows the right direction.

How do you know, that soul has upper hand of your body?
You would not be angry. No hatred for others would touch you. You would always be in love and always happy. Then, this effect would pass on to others, just like it is in you.
Then all would like to be in your company.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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