Monday, August 19, 2013

Let Go

Try, I do, but no use. I always think that every work at home or in office, should be done by me alone, only then, I get the perfection and satisfaction.

Its all good and fine. But at the end of the day, I would be dead tired and angry with the whole lot, thinking, why are others, especially my kids, not committed as me. Do you know why? The reason is me. I am not allowing them to do their share of the work. So then, what is there for them to be committed about? Nothing. And in the process my children would be like potato sacks in front of television or video game and a curse to the society.

I would not allow that to happen. So I decided to share my work. Let go of the perfection part and give a chance to make kids know the beauty of perfection through trial and error.

One advice, parents. Don't overdo on what they did, let it be, as they did because, the too should feel proud of what they have done for their home, for their family and we too should appreciate that, only then there would be a next time.

See you tomorrow

Until then, take care.Bye


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