Friday, August 23, 2013

Invest for Generation

The one thing a parent should try to inculcate in his daily life is, request your child's help whenever and wherever possible and especially in your work. (Well, be there to supervise, eh)

It helps him to know what you are doing.

It helps him to develop his confidence. Giving him a sense of responsibility, that his parent has faith in him.

There would be a rapport between you and the child.

And this moment is a connecting moment which builds a stronger relationship which is a foundation that would cross generations. Which means, when he becomes a parent, he passes on to his children and that passes on.

That should be the role of every parent, invest it for generations. Whatever you do, share it with your children both good and bad. Then it would cross all barriers, generation, culture and age.

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care.



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