Sunday, August 11, 2013

Imagine Overdrive

I love eating and lazy at cooking. The normal vice of a housewife. But that doesn't mean, I shirk my duty of cooking. Since I have to do it, I thought I will give my best shot, without any thought.

So this thought part is the best part. I have a very lively imagination of how my food should look and taste and what the dialogue should be are all pre recorded into my being.

And what has been pre recorded is what I get, the very taste, the flavour and the dialogues all happen exactly as planned. Does it ring any bell? Come on guys, I have been saying all these for so long, that its high time, something clicks into place.

OK, I will not brag on, its the creation of nature, the first creation by God, remember? He had an idea and he just put in a word and Lo behold! we got the perfect creation.

So my advice is, don't go into the act of doing something without thought. Have some great imagination and for sure, it would happen exactly as you had imagined. Want to bet.

See you later.

Have a great day, bye


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