Friday, August 30, 2013

How to Pacify Cravings

Today I met a lady, who has a husband as well as another man to keep her fulfilled. The funny thing is the fulfilling man is of the same status, married. But the sad part is, both have children. They are still in the state of education. I do not know why, seeing the lady with that man made me sad.

Companion is good, but if the one you are legally bound doesn't get to fulfill your inner cravings, then what is the guarantee that the next one could pacify your cravings?

No guarantee. Its a risk, but if the risk backfires, would you risk for another person? What is this cravings?

Cravings is something which comes from the very inside of us. But we cannot explain it because its an unexplainable phenomenon.

But there is nothing unexplainable. There is an answer for every question.

So cravings is the inner quest for love. First and foremost know that no human can fulfill that quest for love. They have their limitation. Don't blame them. You too are in the same boat.

Some people have cravings for sweets, movies, dresses, etc.... Its all the extension of the need for this love.

If you become aware of it, then we would surely stop roaming about in fulfilling our cravings for the right partner, right dress, sweets, etc... That is one step of finding our real Self.

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care, bye


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