Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Have Faith

I have always believed that what we believe is what we get and that too exactly the same no less or no more. I work in a place, where nature is given more prominence, cats eat rats or snake eats rats, or crows scavenge or whatever. All animals are there, roaming about freely. So yesterday, a wrestling competition was taking place from the ceiling of my office. I thought it might be the rat and the snake. But I was not very sure. Anyway I didn't feel scared, though it was happening exactly overhead and the ceiling was made of bamboo mat. But my colleague was scared to death, she was saying, Meena, just move off from there or else, the rat or the snake might fall on you. Anyway I didn't budge, but my friend moved away and exactly at that moment, the rat fell down exactly where she had sat.

At that moment, I knew, why the rat fell, because, my friend believed that it will fall on her. So now you understood, why I am saying this. I would like to suggest, if you want something to happen to you, very good things to happen, then believe it, just blindly believe it and mark my word, it will happen naturally. I know you feel dumb when you hear it, yes I know, just believing blindly is not an option for intelligent people. But believe it or not, no sane person can do it easily. Believe blindly is not easy, that is possible only for mentally retarded and children.

Why easy for them?

Because, they have act on faith, no pre conceived notions and they are innocent, that is why, its easy for them to believe anything and everything they hear. So clear your mind of any notions. Just be your innocent self and believe what you want to happen to you and it would be fulfilled for you post haste. Want to bet?

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care, Bye.


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