Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Friends

The third factor that touched me in the movie, Kungfu Panda is the people, who is helping the Panda, when he barely knows to fight. A praying mantiz, a snake, a monkey and a tigress. And they fight the opponent and receive the wrath and fury of the enemy before Panda gets to fight.

Here, I was thinking of my friends. You know, lucky are the people who have at least one friend as the above set. I was lucky to have many such friends, even now, they call me and say Hi and if I really am in a fix, they try to help me out in ways, which I would not have imagined. We cannot select friends, they come to us. They are the iron filings and we, the magnets and the best part is this magnet only attracts selective type of iron filings.

Do you know why God has given friends for us, to help us when we are in need, to shield us from harsh realities. But lucky you should be to have good friends, they are the route map to reach Self Realization.

See you tommorrow.

Until then take care, Bye


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