Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gay Affinity

Yesterday I had the weirdest experience of gay affinity. Seeing so openly, it really scared me to death. If it wasn’t a direct sighting, I would never have believed it possible.

The incident happened thus,
I was literally running for the evening class, as I was late by 10 minutes, which was no big deal in the real sense of Indian culture, but I didn’t want to take up that part of my culture into my daily life. So I took the auto rickshaw and was flying, when the auto driver slowed and stopped.

I was wondering, why this man wanted to act at this juncture.

The auto was waiting and I opened my mouth to ask what the matter was, when I heard him ask, a boy, who walked like an elegant girl in a man’s attire, "Come, I'll drop you to our destination."

I just gaped at the auto driver, "Seriously, he had already a passenger, "Me" and still inviting another person, not to sit near me but near him." My eyes really bulged out with shock

The uneasiness of the boy (or you can say girl) was so palpable, while she was fending off from the overture of the villain auto driver. I really felt like a spectator of a man forcing a girl to have a relationship.

I was feeling the creeps. It was my first experience. The pull of the driver was like a giant magnet attracting a small iron filing. I was scared, whether, I too would be dragged into the vortex. eeeeeeeeeeyuck

God, what a crazy world.

Beware guys or gays or whatever. Its a mean world out there.

See you tomorrow. Until then take care, bye.


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