Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Destructive Architect

Today, I met a Swiss architect who created the place, where I was working. So I just wowed to my colleague, saying , "He is a genius"

The reply shocked me. "Genius!!! Bull Shit. I can never tolerate him."

"But why?"

"He build, demolishes.....builds demolishes, minimum three time he does it in order to get the perfection. Where would we accommodate the cost? Now do you feel to wow him?"

"At that time I just sat there dumbstruck and open mouthed. If the architect had accidentally become a doctor or a chef or an astronaut or whatever, what would have been the situation?"

Dead man. Why does this happen?

Because he is not doing his home work. When we do the home work, we get a chance to think about the pros and cons of the work planned, our past experiences on that type of work and even if we have experience we also try to get some extra advices on it. Then we could avoid wastage and make our work successful

Whatever profession you choose. Give your complete dedication and that can happen, only if you can do your home work. Would you be able to do that?

"Hey Meena" Its my colleague calling.

"The architect has asked the workers to demolish the small step, which he had been creating for the past one week."

I just shook my head and sighed. What a waste.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care.



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