Thursday, July 4, 2013

What is the speciality of Islam?

Don't think I have left out the religion of Muslims.
Do you know the specialty of this religion?
It has no idols.
Do you know, in christians, the first commandment God gave to Moses is somewhat in that line. Which means, that it is a very important, factor on the facet of findng God.
Now the question is, which idol does it signifies, do you know?
God didn't mean the idols we make with clay and keep it in chirches or temples. Its the idols we keep it in our heart, that God hates.
If I was your lover and if you think of someone else instead of me, be known, you are out of my heart and my life the very next moment. I know it would be the same for you too. Now we have several obsessions, like be coming rich, famous, having a car or whatever, these idols are what we should forefeit, that's what Muslims highlight through their religion, that we all should incorporate in keeping our relatiomship intact with God.
I hope you understood what I am meaning. All religioms are true, don't think that only one religion is true because, we all are one in soul.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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