Saturday, July 13, 2013

To All the Losers, Welcome Aboard

Today, as I was reading a book, I just went through the details of the author. The achievements she had in her life is simply awesome. Seeing her superb credentials, I felt myself smile. I for one has nothing to boast of in terms of academic qualification or professional qualification, but one thing I can say with confidence, wherever I was, whether in school or college or home or at work place, they missed me, which means, to make a difference, we do not need much qualification or big professions. Just use your heart and love what you do. It would be the perfect job, you have ever done.
Long time back, when there were not much channels or movies in television, I saw a movie, which really touched me. It was the movie of a heart surgeon. He undertook, the most complicated surgery and never failed. But he never spoke much. But one day a doctor questioned his qualification, which he hadn't any. He was just a cleaner in the military hospital, to tell the truth, he was a slave, who was asked by the then chief surgeon to assist him, due to lack of personnel in a war front. From that day onwards, instead of the broom, the slave used scalpel and needle, became assistant to the chief surgeon. There were many surgeries, loads and loads of them. After a year or two, the surgeon gave free hand to the slave, as he could not complete it singlehandedly. The slave took the opportunity, he gained accumen and confidence. His will, his dedication and his love for the job made him one of the best surgeons, world had ever seen. Here, what touched me is, the slave might not have any education qualification, but if he is capable of saving life, then that is what real education is. Book can give knowledge, but hands on experience is the best book of knowledge. The slave could have said no to cleaning and could habe run away from that situation, but he stayed. Look where it ended? Life might not be to your expectation. You might be in the wrong place, with the wrong person at the wrong time wih the wrong qualification in a wrong job. That is what life is, utilize the maximum opportunity that life provides with the wrong person, in the wrong place with the wrong qualification, in the wrong job or whatever because, you are on board the ship of greatness. The only thing you should have is courage, dedication and above all a faith in your self.
You know, when David was anointed king, he was a shepherd, a non entity. But he became one of the famous kings in the history. Moses, he couldn't speak a sentence properly because he stuttered. But he was the person, who was chosen to guide the Israelites from Egypt. Mary, mother of Jesus, a village girl, who had no worldly knowledge, education or wealth, but she was selected to be the mother of God Himself. The fishermen were selected as the apostles of Jesus, no qualification, no quality, no credibility, but they changed history. So to all the losers of the world, you are here for a purpose, live with your heart and do whatever you have to do with love, then watch out, no one can out class you. Want to bet? Don’t worry, I am also in the same boat.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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